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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. Holy Batshit! Daniel collided with a steelhead!

    BTW, setting the hook is generally unnecessary when wet fly fishing for steelhead, just sweep the rod toward the shore and hang on. Also, hooking steelhead on the hang down is a very low percentage affair, to get the occasional hook up that way, don't set the hook - that just pulls the fly out of their mouth - instead feed 2 or 3' of line out so they can take the fly and turn to return to their lie. Then if the line tightens, set up.

    Congratulations sucker!

  2. Woooooohooo! :D
  3. beginers luck bahahah

  4. Actually you are probably right. Either way...................I will take it.
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  5. Don't want to derail this (very entertaining) thread... But I'm interested in why you chose a leech pattern in summer? I'm not knocking it. Just curious... Was it a matter of the water conditions (colored up perhaps)?

  6. It was my 3rd time thru the run and when Daniel hooked his steelhead a few hours prior it was on an egg sucking leech. Figured I'd give it a shot. Granted Daniels ESL was much smaller than mine so his was more appropriate for the conditions at the time.
  7. That makes sense. Now the question is. Why did Daniel pick an egg sucking leech. :)

    I sometimes use a bigger (2-3 inches long) weighted fly in summer when the sun is high. My thought process is that steelhead may not be as willing to move up in these conditions and I may as well take it down to them. Not sure that there is any merit in this. But it has worked for me on occasion. Always interested in learning from others...
  8. im a big fan of weighted leeches or egg sucking leeches during the summer under a bobber. I really like a black leech with bright head and then tie off about 8 inch tag above the turd with a smaller unweighted bead or insect imitation.

    Good ol' turd and a worm from trout fishing works well with nymph tactics. My theory is steelhead McGee see sees turd and then goes ahh worm yummy yumm

  9. I'm pretty sure Daniel had tied the fly himself so that played into it. The stuff he ties is actually quite impressive.

    I'm pretty clueless when it comes to flies and which to use. I just throw big ugly things (ESL/intruders) when the water is cloudy like it has been on the NF Stilly lately -- and then I was using smaller stuff like a GP, skunk, and a purple peril on the clear watered sky. Not sure if thats the best advice but its what I did

  10. Beautiful.
  11. golf your tactics make sense, when I talk to guides its pretty much what there saying for swinging. Most people I have talked to been getting em on bobber tactics tho. im just trying like hell to get my two hander game on point for the winter so I find myself swinging 95%
  12. Well good morning gents. Yes the fly I tied is kinda my own rendition of an egg sucking leach. However it is quite different. I am tying more right now as I speak and will take a picture and show you all what Golfman is talking about.
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  13. Post a pic of that bruiser too. I liked that one.
  14. Oh yeah. If the water is cloudy, bigger could be helpful. My personal mantra is... water temp dictates depth, water clarity dictates size/color. There are always variations to that, but it is my starting point. As I mentioned above-- even when the water is clear and summer temps, I may go deep on a sunny day when the sun is directly overhead. However, I honestly think it is more presentation/speed of swing in the right place at the right time. And luck has a big part of it.
  15. My steelhead fly mantra is "any fly is good, as long as it's black." Unless I'm using a fly of a different color. I mean, God gave us many colors, so why should I use black all the time? Think about fly selection. Don't over-think fly selection. Don't start talking like this matters more than it does.

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  16. Clearly it's rod selection that makes the all difference. :)
  17. I agree to a certain point. I think size and profile have more to do with it than color. When picking a fly, I usually look for those two things and color is an after thought (except for the differentiation between colorful and muted earthy colors). There have been more than a handful of times I've not gotten a peck, but changed flies without taking a step and gotten a pull. Coincidence. Maybe. But, maybe not. We'll never know.
  18. IMG_1452.JPG This is the fly that I tied which got that steelhead to take.
  19. That dog'll hunt.
  20. Wow I got a trophy for 50 likes. I would first like to thank my parents for bringing me into this world. Without them I would not be here today. I would also like to thank the academy for the nomination and fellow member bassturds for liking my post in which got me to the big FIVE O. Thank you so much I am truly honored.
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