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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. I don't think fly pattern matters all that much. I'll adjust my size and color to conditions. Really, I think a woolly bugger of appropriate size and color will work in every situation.
    Nice job on the hookup. That was pretty quick.

  2. This is a great fly. I have dubbed it the Black Lab Red Rocket.
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  3. This thread is a fun read thanks to a lot of entertaining folks contributing! Too bad you guys all seem to be in the Northern part of the state, cause you seem like good folks. If you ever come down south, I'll buy some beers and show you a few good spots.
  4. You could be right. Haven't tied on a woolly bugger in probably 10 years. But they used to catch a lot of trout for me. Steelhead probably like them too.
  5. I have officially named my fly pattern i call it...............Hayden's Hero. If you guys think thats gay then suck it.
  6. danialocean, look up the Steelhead Mojo fly. Variation of the one you tied and another great fly.

  7. I have a few of those in my box actually. I was bored one night and wanted to change a whole bunch of stuff, and was inspired by the concept of an egg sucking leach.
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  8. I think it should be called the "puking hemorrhoid".. because the pinks poking out the front instead of the back.

    Not making fun of the fly or anything. Just brainstorming while I suck down some coffee.

  9. Such a fantastically horrible image.
  10. Thanks guys. Now my wife is in on the name calling. I just had to shoot her idea down for the "fuzzy dildo".
  11. So I thought of a great idea. I had some old M4 magazine pouches, and I decided to turn them into fly rod holders. Now I do not have to go out and buy another pack as I have always loved this pack. Cut the bottom out of one mag pouch so the rod tube can slide through, then just simply attach the other mag pouch on the bottom of the pack with your molle straps, and there you go. Did not cost me anything to do this. back pack.jpg
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  12. Now you're thinking with portals! Sweet idea.
  13. See if you can't mount the bottom pouch a little lower, you really only need two rows of MOLLE webbing to hold the thing in place, but should help bring the rod tube lower down on your ruck and not grab so many trees/shrubbery if you're walkin' around some of the bushier trails.
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  14. You surely can. However, when the tube is sticking out of the bottom like that I can not lay the bag upright which bugs me a little. When hiking through tons of brush there is enough tension on the top pouch that I can drop the tube down where I need it and then take some paracord and tie the tube handle to the molle.
  15. The sage vantage rod tube you just got has an upper section that fits the rod with reel attached so it's a little bigger. I think you could even just cut the bottom out of 2 pouches and attach the tube to your bag with the reel section on top to prevent it from falling out. This is how I hiked and bush hacked yesterday and the rod didn't budge from my bungee cord type straps on the pack. This would allow it to sit much lower. Either way it's a sweet idea
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  16. golfman,

    I think you are right. I noticed that there was alot of tension in just the top pouch alone. I think I am going to cut the bottom out of the the other one towards the bottom, and see if it stays snug enough. I would think that if you are jogging with the thing on it may move around a little bit, but I do not see myself running with it.
  17. Yea I can't imagine the vantage tube ever coming out of it. I seriously love that case
  18. back pack v2.jpg Version 2
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  19. This thread has gone to hell since the mention of "bobber"...
  20. Kudos on the craftiness... but Rod tubes are for pussies. My 4 piece rods get purchased, removed from the tube and then never make it passed 2 pieces ever again. Rod tubes get dusty in the corner of the closet between the Christmas decorations and your childhood photo albums. They don't go on your backpack. You are gonna "hike" into a run and while you are fiddling with stringing up your rod I will walk past you, plug my already rigged rod together and start casting. If there was a sweet swingin run on top of Mt Everest a steelheader will summit with no oxygen, a 20oz bottle of water, a macadamia nut cliff bar, and a rigged Spey rod in hand.

    Congrats on hookin one tho. Keep at it. Just keep it simple.
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