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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. This is crazy talk, it would be a peanut butter clif bar.
  2. Sean,

    With all do respect you are funny. How is it a guy who wants to be efficient needs to be considered a pussy when you clearly just admitted that you keep christmas decorations, and children's photos in your closet? I like to keep clothes, guns, knives, and ammo in my closet. Just sayin.

    Thanks on the congrats. If I ever run into you on the river there will be a beer in my cooler with your name on it. Yes, I am able to pack beer down to the river because my hands are free due to my rod tubes being on my back pack.
  3. There is nothing efficient about assembling a rod and stringing it up every time you use it. My rods get taken down to two pieces and the reels never come off.
  4. Cup,

    I can see your point. However, I do not like talking about it but I have a problem with my left hip. Because of this it is safer for me to have my hands free when hiking to my location because there have been alot of times where my hip simply gave out on me and it has not been pretty. Now I am able to atleast have my hands free to catch myself.
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  5. Touché. Ok, so you aren't a weenie. What about a hiking/wading staff ever considered one? Might help keep you stable on river rock.

  6. I am highly considering it. I fell in the river the other day just because of that damn hip issue. The doc says loose 50 lbs and it should greatly improve though.
  7. What about a thermometer? You’re going to need one of those to check the water temperature.
  8. D.O.,

    Get a hiking/wading staff and lose 65 pounds if your doc says to lose 50. Docs tend not to be brutal enough, except when they say, "here, this won't hurt." Anyway, back to the point, fly fishing is way too important to be compromised by poor health. Make a deal with yourself that will really help your fishing: no more new rods until you lose the first 50. Besides, your wife will think yer hot.

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  9. Got a gym membership again. I need to also strengthen the muscles around my bad joints apparently. Mind you I have done this thing before, " get a membership and say to myself that I am going to get healthy again", but easier said than done and I have failed many times. Well here we go again. This time all of YOU guys know it. I really disagree with the whole " no rods till I loose the first 50 thought".
  10. Daniel i know some good programs that would benefitt you
  11. D.O.,

    No new rods. Rise to the occasion. You'll not only be a better fisherman for it; you'll also be a healthier person. And the part where yer wife thinks yer hot can't be all that bad either.

  12. Motivation:
  13. Okay guys I sure appreciate all the attention, lets get back on the fishing thing. My fault for going off topic. I officially hijacked my own thread.
  14. Okay okay NOOOW I am ready to start the no rod till I drop 50 commitment.
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  15. Daniel,

    One thing to do is start easy. I'm not 50 pounds overweight, maybe 10-15. Back in May, I decided to stop eating sugary treats. (I still have sugar in my coffee, and beer doesn't count.)

    I used to be pretty bad about eating cookies/donuts/sweets just about every day. Anyway, I cut that stuff out almost completely. I haven't had a donut since April. I could count the number of cookies I've had since then on two hands.

    I've lost about 5 pounds. It makes a big difference. I've been running a few days a week as well. But man, watching what you eat can make a huge difference.
  16. Thanks for the the kind words Jason. My most serious situation is the fact that my doctor says that I am "pre-diabetic". I am to a point now where the symptoms are getting bad. The other day I was simply doing some home repair,( drilling, fixing shelves) and I literally felt like I was an engine overheating, and I was sweating bullets. Its getting scary for me now. Therefore, the carbs are slowly getting pushed out of my diet. Like yous aid no donuts. My demise however is a cheesy pizza. Doctor says loosing 60 lbs would most likely completely reverse the pre diabetes and my hip will greatly improve.
  17. you need a work out program kind sir
  18. Yeah that is already in the works. Keep in mind though fellas that I am naturally a heavier person because my my junk weighs about 10 lbs. LOL
  19. The steelhead diet. Walking long, difficult miles for extended hours with little to no nourishment (Or steelhead for that matter). Wear waders to really sweat it out. Definitely no sunscreen. And no bug repellent.
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  20. Hey that is no shit. Every time I go out and fish all day in the conditions you described, I am flippin exhausted when I get home.
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