A rookies log.

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. That's your problem right there! You went home.
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  2. Daniel, I hope you're reading between the lines here. You've put yourself out there to take advice from people that have issues. If you take said advice, you are well on your way to become a vagrant who lives in the woods, with little to no possessions, no wife and what little resembles a life of foraging and not showering for the sake of catching a fish. Think about the path you're on, and think twice before taking any advice from these people.
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  3. Now what do you mean by these people hmmmmmm.
  4. You're right, I'm no better then they are...
  5. LOL.
  6. What you need to do, is find a strong current, about thigh deep with gravel bottom that lasts a while. Now walk upstream. Swing down, then walk up through the current again. Repeat over and over. Those lbs will fall off... Suddenly you are exercising and fishing at the same time.

    I generally get home from fishing all day and the next morning I weigh 5lbs less. I pretty much put that back on by eating like crap that day. But if one could sustain that. We might have a real weigh-loss program! :)
  7. So I am heading out this weekend. Anyone interested.
  8. Okay lets get back to some rookie questions. I recently heard that fishing the Skykomish for steelhead when it is this low, is very tough. Why?
  9. The fish aren't moving much and get kind of stale. They've got clear water with the sun in their face, and in a lot of places they're seeing a variety of offerings every day.
  10. Fish have been toughhhhhhhhh the last 2 weeks. The water is as clear as it gets and the fish are getting pounded below the Wallace so they get a little spooky and the sun in there eyes doesn't help. I got my fish as the water was dropping and since then its been slow, a lot of Bulls and one day I had two players and farmed both. Such is life.

    Hike away from people, fish early and late and throw different shit. I've found getting fish to come back is proving difficult probably because there spooky from seeing so much hardware.
  11. Eeek not good things to hear (read). Guess we just need to pray for some rain.
  12. Hit the skykomish today. Did not catch anything. Imagine that? I am gonna go cry now.
  13. And when it does rain, you better be out there. The best summer fishing I've ever experienced has been during a late summer downpour.
    The next few days after a rain ain't bad either. Those fish that were stale and sulking in a pool for weeks on end will perk up, move, and get grabby again.
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  14. So what even a little drizzle does the trick? Or, does it have to actually be a significant rain fall?
  15. small is all, the day I got furiated I seent 9 taken in 2 hours and it was only a small squall
  16. It seems like any rain that enters the river to "freshen things up" seems to get the job one. However with water as low as it is, enough rain to cause a sudden jump in flows of a couple hundred CFS is my favorite. Any additional color is even better.
  17. Looks like we are going to have that close to the end of this week.
  18. Then I would get to the river.
  19. I m debating bringing a super soakrr to each hole so the fish thinks "oh my gee golly its raining and that purple spey looks delicous"
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  20. Dude that is a fantastic idea. You could have one guy shoot the super soaker and the other fishes. Each guy trades off every half hour.
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