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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. Check check and check. Got a great camelbak mil tac hawg for hiking my stuff in too.
  2. 1. Find steelhead

    2. Keep fly in water fishing

    3. Don't chit chat too much with other anglers as it hampers 1 & 2.
  3. I was at fredmeyer today and noticed that Ugly stick makes a fly rod. So some people honestly use these. Its like they took a salmon rod and configured it so you can attach a fly reel. It made me laugh actually.
  4. its a sick rod. i normally duct tape a star wars light saver to the bottom (from the kids toys) , and you get a two hander that slices through wind and trees like no other.
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  5. You will find only one item at FM's that I use during a day fly fishing.........maybe..........and that is spools of Maxima Ultra Green.
  6. I've actually used that Ugly Stick fly rod...I believe it's in their Big Water line, and I used it on a one-day guided flyfishing trip for northern pike and muskie on Leech Lake in central Minnesota a few years back. Not bad, but not great casting....it'll fire those big heavy flies with authority, and has plenty of backbone for handling those big toothy critters, and like all Ugly Sticks they "take a lickin' and keep on tickin' ".

    Jim B.
  7. So as you guys may know I just recently bought a TFO 8wt for 60 bucks, but am looking at spending more money on something like the SAGE approach for 300. What do you guys think of this move. I am thinking of taking the TFO back and put that 60 towards the SAGE. Mind you this is 100% impulse fueling this. Is this model SAGE worth the money? I have heard some mixed reviews that it is not worth the money. I want to know what the locals think, and yes I know that the rod does not catch fish or make me a better one.
  8. Keep the tfo as nymph stick and spend what u woyld on a two hander
  9. Oh sure. I will stop at the court house and get the divorce papers too. LOL
  10. personally i think the tfo pro is a better casting stick than the approach.
    for the 240 difference vyou can buy a good used 2 hander.
  11. 20130518_145957.jpg Well I did it. I am now a proud owner of my first SAGE rod. I have been wanting one of these for 3 years now and finally decided to do it. It is an approach model 890-4. I know its not one of the expensive SAGE'S but this makes me have the biggest smile on my face. I am ready to hit the water.
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  12. See u back in december in the classifieds looking for a two hander
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  13. I really do not know how to respond to your comment there. All I can say is that I do not really like 2 handed rods. My buddy let me cast his and it really is not for me. I am sticking with the rod I just purchased and am extremely happy with. Thanks for the support man.............I guess[/quote]
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  14. Word bird on the turd. I hated two hand before some people showed me the ropes. U will learn quickly that distNce vs backcast/climate/where fish are actually holding is key. After all there is a style of spey casting named after oneour hallowed streams.

    It rhymes with fadge it

    Congratz on the purchase
  15. I will take your word for it. I can certainly see definite advantages to those spey rods. First time I saw someone spey casting on the sky last year I was really wowed. Perhaps I will take the plunge one day but until then this is the path I am on. Plus I can not afford to buy an entire new spey outfit now, and I would not want to go the cheap route to get into it.
  16. There is a free clinic on the sno pretty much evrry saturday from 9-12
  17. Oh cool thanks.
  18. Daniel,

    Congrats on your new rod acquisition. Had I seen your earlier post I would have advised you to keep and fish the TFO. There's nothing wrong with the Sage rod, but at what appears to be your stage of the game, I'll just tell you that you're wearing a $240 smile on your face and have done nothing to up your steelheading game.

    Let me share that I have quite a few rods. They range in price from $59 Cabela's Three Forks models to a $2,200 Bob Clay bamboo that I was fortunate to obtain for slightly less. The expensive rods, the bamboo ones anyway, do put a smile on my face, and I love casting and fishing with them. However they do not make me a better angler, even in the slightest.

    I suggest that you add this post to your fishing log. As long as money is an issue, I recommend that you invest in products and services that will up your game. When the money doesn't matter, that is the best time to invest in putting a smile on your face that doesn't improve your fishing.

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  19. Well actually I am pretty embarrased. This morning I had a stroke of concience and decided that it just was not the right time to aquire a high end rod yet. Soooo, I took the Sage back and came home with just a simple Cabelas L-Tech rod. I do not know anything about these rods but it was on sale for only 99 bucks. So I got my 320.00 bucks back for the sage and left only spending 100. Telling yourself no to things like that is hard but it was something that I felt was right. Perhaps one day I will have a nice Sage rod.
  20. what was wrong with your tfo ? was it not the 4pc pro ? thats the only good one imo. if your looking for the rod that will make you a better caster, you will be looking for a long,long time. sure, the marketing geniuses will have you beleive they have just the rod for you :rolleyes: and if you are looking for knowledgable advice, cabelas is the last place you want to look. just because the guy in there knows more than you, doesnt mean he knows jack shit.
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