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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. I think you should starting nymphing beadz for steelhead. Thats one way to make this thread more interesting.

  2. Dude trust me I am game for anything. I started trying nymphing techniques the last couple times I was out. The only thing I wonder is if I switch it up too much when I am out there. I keep telling myself that perhaps I need to just pick a fly and hold to it.
  3. I think most people would probably say yes. From what I gather, the only reason to change a fly would be if you actually saw a steelhead take a look at it then refuse it--then you might change to something bigger or smaller, brighter or darker, etc.

    Choose a fly you have confidence in, then have fun fishing it.

    Of course I've never landed one, so take that as you will.

    Time to go find some salmon.


  4. black or brown jimmy legs/pats stone/kaufmans stone with a bead or egg pattern 18" off your lead fly. 0X-2X leader and a fat bobber. Get it down and fish it in the trouty water. Thats what I always did as a kid before I went swing-only and you'll get your hands on chrome.
  5. I have heard nymphing can be a pretty good option.
  6. If I can catch them nymphing anyone can. Go to the dark side and get some chrome

  7. In my opinion nymphing well requires just as much skill as swinging well. I think a lot of the old guys don't like nymphing because it's a lot of work mending. Even as an able bodied younger guy, you'll get sore at the end of a full day if you're doing it right.

    I've hooked an equal number nymphing and swinging. I prefer swinging about 80% more because of the excitement of feeling the grab rather than the whack a mole reaction of a bobber dropping. Once you have the fish on, let me tell you, you won't give a damn.
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  8. Well said.
  9. run a indicator-->tungsten beaded prince or larger hare's ear type nymph with a clinch knot to a bead with an improved clinch knot.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. What's that damn indicator doing so close to the fly line? Give yourself at least 3-4 inches so when you mend you can pivot off the leading line and not yoke your flies.

    Come on man... be scientifically precise here ;)
  12. That's the inter webs for you
  13. It's been 3 days since a post here.

  14. Thats because everyone is out fishing for pinkz
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  15. How's the back trolling off the toon working so far?
  16. I was out of town sailing the south gulf islands for 5 days. Never again will i sail the haro strait and outlyin islandz wothout my rood. Coho everywhere
  17. I have not been able to participate in all of your immature antics cause I am putting 110% of my energy to finding one of those job things.
  18. I thought you got a job like 4 weeks ago?

  19. I did but its one of those shitty jobs that are a means to an end. I just got back into school going for my bachelors in environmental science and want a half decent job with stable hours while I am a full time student for the next four years. I already got one job offer for a god company but I am going to another interview literally right after I get done typing this. I guess you could say I am just trying to find a better outfit. The shit job that I am working right now is just simply not giving us enough.
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  20. You could always go into steelhead guiding for a career.
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