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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. its normally helpful to land a steelhead first tho before becoming a guide:p
  2. Too many people will want a refund.
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  3. What the hell would you know about it, Jesse?! Maybe you ought to learn to nymph a fish up before you start handing out (un)solicited advise.
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  4. I am embarrassed to have contributed to this ridiculous thread, even if it was to take the piss out of Jesse.

  5. Haaaaaaaaah!

  6. I bet you anything there's been a few trout guides that have guided for steelhead without landing one yet!
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  7. I am definetly aware of this. Seems like the word on the street is a lot of the OG steelhead guides don't appreciate the trout guys who are booking clients during peak season on the rivers that they fish year round.

    I understand both sides view.
    1. You have your guide license and the right to schedule trips on rivers that fall within the state of Washington and its regulations. However some guides are coming in January and February because its the hot thing to do.

    2. You got your OG guides that year round fish these watersheds and make their living/ fish for fun because they love and respect the watershed.
  8. Alright getting set to do a three day run at the Sky this weekend. I have the available time, so I will be on the river zero dark thirty Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I don't give a shit about conditions I am just going to go out there and do my best.
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  9. I may be out friday night
  10. By night i mean off by 2 on river by 3
  11. BT,

    What's an OG guide?

  12. Original gangster- meaning someone known well in the community of that fish species
  13. I dont know if ur a guide or not salmo but i would consider u somewhat og in a sense. About two weeks ago i was researching some info and came across poata of urs from other sites clear back in 2002.

    If u dont like the og i can adress as steelhead wizard salmo
  14. Not a guide. Not a wizard either, unfortunately, I guess.
  15. If Danielocean has not caught a steelhead by the start of the winter run I will throw in $ 5.00 for a guided trip just so I can stop reading this thread. Who is with me?
  16. Bump for Daniels $5
  17. You guys are killing me.
  18. I will create the fund. Everyone who wants to donate just pm me ur credit card numbers
  19. Not gonna be necessary guys. Tomorrow is the day. Goodnight. And quit posting on this thread at night. My god damn phone bleeps at me every time one of you goons do it. I need some sleep.
  20. Bump
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