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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. never too early for a good chuckle :D amy hazel says wear a big sombrero, that analogy really helped me inn the beginning. for a single handed casting, a peter pan hat would probably be better. make sure your reelis black,because black goes with everything.
  2. Stopped by Pacific FlyFishers today. Bought a few flies and shot the shit. I also told the guys that a person on here asked me what kind of hat I should be wearing and both guys there laughed and said that person is clearly OCD. LOL
  3. Okay guys heres my next question. Are the fighting butt's on your rods a necessary thing to have or can you live without them?
  4. Necessary? Absolutely not. Very nice to have? Absolutely.
  5. Unnecessary, but if you're gonn'a have one, make it 5" long. The 2" ones are practically a waste of space.

    After a gratifying 5 fish day with no fighting butt, I was complaining about how my elbow tendonitis was giving me a fit. My friend strongly suggested I stop complaining about something that "hurt so good."

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  6. Okay cause I actually have a ww grigg 8 wt that I have had for 3 years and was my first. I actually really like the rod but the fighting butt broke on it. I was thinking about taking this TFO back and putting that 100 bucks towards a good set of wading boots. So if people can survive without the fighting butt perhaps I may still keep running my old 8 weight for this season.
  7. So what do you all prefer as far as bottom traction for wading boots? I noticed you can either run felt, or rubber. What would you guys say is a good tractions surface for rivers like the Skykomish?
  8. this is great entertainment ! i think you should buy a burkheimer, then start thinking about therapy :D
  9. ...That's what she said...
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  10. I haven't tried vibram soled wading boots yet. Anglers I know who use them only used them with studs or cleats. I wear felt soled or studded felt soled boots. And that's what I would wear on the Sky.

  11. I need to make this thread as entertaining as possible gentlemen. I have not even began to think about getting a 5wt yet either. Oh good times good times.
  12. You should keep the TFO and work an extra shift and buy Simms Guide Boots with felt. Felt or nothing in my opinion.
  13. Wow a lot of people talk about those Guide boots from Simms. I will check them out. I was looking at a pair from Redington at PFF in millcreek that seemed nice.
  14. Felt all day long on the sky. The only other boot I would get is one of the korkers style with the flexibility to change soles. And or christs sake keep your tfo
  15. OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:................................................KEEPING THE TFO
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  16. Have you gone to the library and checked any books out yet?

    Been watching any instructional videos on vimeo/youtube?

    Checking any blogs out?
  17. Oh yeah I just finished a steelheaders way. Very informative. Looking for another good read if you have any suggestions.
  18. A Passion for Steelhead, by Dec Hogan, and Steelhead Fly Fishing, by Trey Combs, are both excellent resources. While A Passion for Steelhead is a little more straight-forward and up to date, Steelhead Fly Fishing contains a wonderful section detailing the history of the sport, the rivers, and the anglers and their contributions (flies, technique, etc). To say the least, there is a lot that you can learn from this book if you take to the time read it. If you do choose to read this book, pay attention to the descriptions of where the anglers are fishing, the size and structure of the river (s), their gear, and the techniques they are using. With all of this said, there is no substitute for actually being out on the water. Anyhow, I hope that this helps!




  19. Daniel,

    People report great satisfaction with Simm's Guide boots. I looked at them and think they're god-awful heavy. I've been wearing Patagonias for several years. Very light and comfortable, but they just don't last. So I recently bought the Simm's Headwaters, their lightest weight model. A couple friends report that they are comfortable and durable. I haven't used them yet. I'm thinking about installing studs first. They're available either in felt or vibram sole.

    In the interests of entertainment I recommend reading the books others have mentioned. But if you want to learn how to fish for steelhead, I recommend reading "How to fish good for steelhead" by Salmo g. Except it isn't finished or available, except for the parts included in this thread and others over the years on the WFF board. You should get together with Francis and see if some of your sense of humor rubs off on him. He's a bit sensitive to my assholish insults when all I was trying to do was help him out, well, and keep this site entertaining.


  20. Thats funny shit. But, who the hell is Francis? If you are working on a book I think that is the coolest thing. As far as my sense of humor rubbing off on other people I can do my best but sometimes it just does not work.
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