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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. Sorry guys, I failed once again.
  2. Oh come on man. You didn't fail. You just haven't succeeded yet. If you die without catching a steelhead, then we'll start calling you a failure (no pressure, and I will reiterate the fact that I have yet to land one).
  3. just run bait

  4. No shit. Second time in a row some elderly dude with a spoon dropped way down stream, swung his swing and BAM steelhead on.
  5. This brings up an important lesson that i would like to pass on to the other rookies, and that is a lesson in observation. There have been several occurrences where I find myself on a river fishing all morning, and then out of the woods comes out an old elderly dude with a gear rig. It always looks like these dudes know right where to go cause it literally takes them less than 5 minutes to hook into a steelhead. So I will say to pay attention to stuff like that. Instead of getting upset this time, I just told myself, " I am going to learn from that old man, and go right to that spot next time I come back if it is open".

    The lesson learned here is that after my observations 9 times out of 10 those old dudes you see on the river are most likely where they are for a very good reason. Keep that in mind.
  6. i will be centerpinning all weekend princess
  7. It's not so much about what that old dude was using. It's more about where and how he fished it.
    I've watched people fish a run before and decided to fish through behind them knowing that they likely missed any fish that were there. What they were using makes no difference to me. But if I can tell that they're not fishing deep enough, or swinging their rig to fast, or not hitting the sweet spots, then fishing behind them is like fishing first water. I've pulled steelhead out of tailouts after my buddies fish through because I knew they didn't fish far enough down. They stopped and reeled up too soon and left the very end of the pool untouched.
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  8. You know that feeling when you're at a bar and everything is on point; you've got the right amount of liquid courage that your game is fucking unstoppable. No mortal man could hope to bring something to the table to steal away this retardedly hot russian goddess that is eating up every word you say. Before you know what is happening you are in the backseat of a cab with said russian goddess stradling you attempting to extract your tonsils with her tongue. Best 35 dollars you've ever spent for that cab and it takes all of 30 seconds from the time you enter her apartment before you have entered her mouth, and damn the girl has got the skill to back up the looks.
    Only for her psycho stalker ex-boyfriend to kick in the door to her apartment, completely cock-blocking you for the rest of the night.
    That is what it is like logging on here, seeing a new post that isn't Dan holding up a dime bright chromer.
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  9. I'm a rookie too. I got my first legally-caught salmon on a fly rod just this summer, right under the Lewis bridge in Monroe. So, yes, I go there a lot because it's my lucky spot, caught and released 6 pinks there. But I haven't caught any steelhead either, fly or spinning rod. So this is my first year, and I'll working on it as much as I can.

    Good luck to you and me!
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  10. Keep exploring the river, lewis street is a shit show
  11. Good for you and keep up the good work. I have learned so much this season that I do not think you could imagine. As Mr Turds stated, keep exploring, exploring, exploring.
  12. Was there illegally caught salmon?
  13. I have a pontoon boat that i have used in the lake and it is only rated for class 1 white water. I have been curious about what the water on the sky is like and what sections would be floatable for me. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  14. as long as you stay high bridge down you will be fine, above high bridge is class 2-4 rapids that need to be ran in either a kayak or pontoon/Raft with secure rowing frames.

    Do you know what brand of toon you have? i see people float the river all the time during summer on just simple floaties, its really nothing crazy. I have rowed in 14000 Cfs in my scadden assualt which is frameless without an issues as well. You just need to rememeber on a river like the sky to give your self ample time to manuver because it can be fast, but it can also be BIG
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  15. Boulder drop no problem
  16. have you seen the video of the guy try and paddleboard boulder drop?
  17. You mean boulder drop trying to handle a paddle border?
  18. Yeah its pretty similar to this http://www.fishermanoutofwater.com/review-of-wilderness-11-pontoon-boat-from-costco/

    The one I have is the wilderness 12 but as far as I can tell they are prettymuch the same. If I were dropping in it would definitely be below High Bridge
  19. We are going to be fishing up by Start-up / Sultan on Sunday. Maybe we'll see you on the river. I'm still looking for my FIRST Skykomish Steelhead also but maybe some chumz too.

    I will be the guy using beads on a switch rod or intruders under a bobber.

  20. It's worth mentioning that the first rapid below the High Bridge launch / railroad trestles can be a piece of work. Usually it's just a quick chute but if I was in a pontoon I might walk around on the west bank or line it. After that it's pretty smooth sailing for the rest of the river down to the Snohomish.
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