A rookies log.

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. Sure, leave enough hint for the whole internet to find out about the skykomish hatchery stretch. I bet there is a line of cars there tomorrow morning now.

    THANKS ED it ed, get it? Edited
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  2. Ed it ed? What got edited?
  3. Love this forum.
  4. ANSWER ME ED THE EDITOR! WHY ARE YOU CENSORING ME!? And for that matter, what got censored? My post looks to be how I made it with your added red text.
  5. Politics brah

    Ed also probably doesn't hang out on reddit, so he don't know about the whole "thanks he who shall not be named"
  6. Oh, my one liner at the bottom? It wasn't meant to be political.
  7. evan your really ruining my expirience here on the forum
  8. Evan, you know me well enough to know I'd rather be reading than editing.
  9. Glad to have the opportunity.
  10. Ed, can we talk? I really need some comforting right now. You know how I get when there is strife on the board.
  11. Maybe this one has run its course.
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