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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. I answered my own question by going back a couple pages and looked at salmo_g's comment on page 3. Okay this is what I am going to do.
  2. Okay so now I need help figuring out the order of operations here. Do I want to run floating line, then sink tip, then mono leader, then fly, or can I just run floating line, sink tip, tippet material, then fly?
  3. Do u mean poly leader?

    1. Floating fly line 2. Sink tip (a fast sinking poly leader can act as ur sink tip) 3. Tippet whether mono or fluro 2-6 feet. 4. Fly
  4. When running a sink tip (or poly leader equivalent) your mono leader doesn't need to be anything fancy. Put 4-5' of 8 or 10lb test on with a weighted woolly bugger of your color choice. Then fish it slowly, methodically, and patiently.
  5. You rock dude. Oh thanks for the pm
  6. Thanks man you appear to be cooler than even bassturds
  7. I assume your fly line has a loop at the end, yes?

    1) Loop to loop your poly leader onto your fly line.
    2) At the end of your poly leader, tie a double surgeons loop if there is not a loop already (or perfection loop, but surgeons are stronger)
    3) Now you can just tie 4-6 or whatever feet of tippet material you want (in another loop to loop) to your poly leader and start fishing. Your poly leader will last a lot longer since you never have to cut it as you can just undo the loop to loop on your tippet material and throw on more tippet.

    So to recap from reel to the tippet: Backing -- Fly Line -- Loop to loop -- PolyLeader -- Loop to loop -- tippet -- fly

    If someone corrects me on this please listen to them since I am new to this too but I was just asking the same questions you were a month or so ago and this is what I came up with. My rig seems solid with this setup.

    If you want to noob it up together on the sky someday let me know. Just finished my CFA exam so its time to fish.
  8. Sounds good. What is the cfa exam.

  9. theres some info on the double haul, also the reds fly shop has a pretty good channel for beginner, and advanced tips for fly fishing.They talk about everthing from swing for steel, to nymph dropper, and dry tactics.
  10. Daniel,

    A 4' leader off your sink tip is just fine, at least until low super clear water happens later in the summer. The double or triple surgeon's loops I tie in leader material suck for strength, don't know why. So I put 1' of 12 or 15# Maxima on the end of my sink tip, then add 3' of 10# Maxima Ultra-green leader.

    Sorry about having to cut up your $75 line. I avoid that problem by buying cheaper fly lines. SA Air Cell Supreme is only $30. You could buy a perfectly satisfactory line from Hook & Hackle or Allen Fishing for about that price and save your $75 line for strictly floating line applications if you haven't cut it already.

  11. Okay so before I cut my GPX line I decided to take a trip over to Pacific FlyFishers in Millcreek, to pick there brain and pick up a few flies. I talked to Joe there about my line issue and he asked how much tippet I was putting on the front of my poly leader. After I told him that I had about 9 feet of tippet in front of the 9 foot poly leader, he seemed to be struggling not to laugh directly at me. LOL. So now I understand as per Joe's advice that the max amount of tippet I want in front of my poly leader is at most 2 feet. I just got done doing some practice casts and my original casting problem is all gone. We also went out back so he could see me cast and he said that I casted surprisingly well.
  12. All good guys at pacific fly fishers one can never go wrong shopping there
  13. So I am thinking about heading out Thursday if everything works out. Anyone is free to join.
  14. I certainly hope so. I never want to master this sport.
  15. So another thing I would like to add to this log. So far I have been 110% dedicated to this wonderful art, and I wanted to let all of the other fellow newbies here, and potential newbies in the future. I have observed and found out that most of your fishing "career" if you will will consist 98% to preparation. I am spending every bit of my free time to studying, studying, studying. I have also simply just sat at some rivers already and just "watched" just simply watched. Take everything in you can. A lot of the wonderful things that you can receive through research are actually from your many fellow anglers on this very forum. Thank you to all now and ahead of time for your help and future help for others. I hope to one day be the one helping.
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  16. Based on lurking here, you really need to focus on 3 things:

    1) Take casting lessons
    2) Take casting lessons
    3) Buy items from a reputable fly shop

    For 1 and 2, look on this site for folks up north. Contrary to popular belief Aaron Reimer and Mike Kinney can teach both single handed and double handed rods. Spend the money on at least 3 lessons and practice what they tell you.

    As for the reputable shop, go in with a budget. If you constrain what you can spend, they will always find the highest quality product that fits the price. Also the local shops will let you cast the item, and in some cases demo the product for a day or two. Build a relationship with these guys, and really take notice that pricing between shops is *rarely* different, and if they are only within a few dollars.

    As for Salmo, I love his attitude with cutting and slicing and dicing, but honestly, doing this is probably not in the best interest of a newbie. Once again, go to a shop, set your budget and work with them. At *worst* case,, if you can only afford a non-multitip line, you can purchase a line from them, and most shops will do a cut and welded loop for you.

    As for fishing and catching steelhead, you'll need to hook up with a mentor. This could be a couple of trips with a guide or it could be an experienced steelheader. At worst case, take a trip with a successful gear fishermen. Often times the place where they catch fish will actually be fishable by the fly fishermen. Avoid large long bars like the plague. While they fish nice, it's often more productive to pick your nose and drink beers. There are exceptions, but those are typically hatchery blood holes.
  17. Besides picking your nose and drinking beer, I would also suggest that it is important to throw in some ball scratching too.
  18. Hit the N. Fork Stilly today. Very bright and clear conditions and running around 1500 cfs last I checked. Did not catch anything but had a great time, and learned a ton. I fished the deepest pools I could find since it was so clear and bright out. I am curious if anyone else had luck with today's weather. Also got a chance to break in my new MSR pocket rocket, and GSI ketalist cook set today.
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