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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. Sometimes I try to write my name on the rocks when I piss on the riverbank. Otherwise, it's just fishing and not art.
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  2. Shoulder sore as hell with blisters on my casting hand. Awesome.
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  3. Daniel,

    I've had a Pocket Rocket for nearly 10 years. I forgot to break it in before using it. Didn't seem to hurt it. My daughter asked for one of those cook kits too, so I got her one. I was kinda' disappointed in that they're excessive for a true weight weenie backpacker.

    BTW, sore shoulder is indicative of poor casting form. Even old farts like me with elbow and shoulder ailments can cast from can't see in the morning til can't see at night without the joints acting up. Therefore I again recommend that you work on your casting technique.

    Not sure about the blisters tho. You ever use your hands for anything?

  4. Salmo,

    Dang man I am dissapointed in you. I figured you of all people would make a joke about the blisters. Actually false alarm. I thought they were blisters but a spot on my thumb was just a little agitated. Still sore arm though. As soon as I am working again I am going to go get casting lessons from Pacific Fly fishers most likely. Just came from there and Michael and the guys hooked me up to start tying flies. Bought the cheap AA vice, tools, and material to start learning to tie a freight train. And to answer your question yes I use my hands for alot of stuff. I am a mechanic.
  5. Daniel,

    It was with great restraint that I didn't make a joke about your blisters. But I want to protect my reputation for always making my posts in good taste.

    If you prowl around a bit, you can probably get a casting lesson or two for free, so don't fail to investigate that possibility.

    Fly tying is a good addiction too. It's kept me from countless nights in bars and made me a better husband and father, with the side benefit that my small children and the cat learned not to put stray hooks into their mouths. I'm not sure what the cheap AA vice is - is it an addiction to cheap drugs or booze? -, but my ex gave me a Thompson A vise in 1974, and I'm still tying on it even tho I was given a Regal a few years ago by a co-worker who moved away.

  6. Salmo,

    You are not going to offend me good sir. I have pretty thick skin and can take it when people fuck with me. I have my vice and stuff right in front of me and watching how to tie this freight train fly. Looks pretty simple. Honestly fly tying is something I wanted to do for years. I found myself in the fly shop again today with thirty bucks worth of flies in my hand. I looked down at how many flies I had in my hand and said " that's it?". I finally just decided to make the initial investment in the basic stuff and will tie my own stuff from now on. It will also keep me from letting the t.v melt my brain.
  7. You think your going to save money tying flies hahahahahahahahaah
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  8. In addition to tuning your casting stroke, reducing your false casts will save wear on your arm. In some circumstances you can even pick the line up and put it back out with no false cast at all. It also let's you fish more efficiently.
  9. Daniel,

    I'm sure I have vices as well, but I think you're talking about vises when referring to the device that holds hooks for fly tying, or that bolt to your workbench for that matter. Yeah, I took up fly tying to save money too. Sometimes that notion seems questionable; however I think it actually has worked out in my favor, just not to the degree I originally estimated.

    Like Cuponoodle mentioned, a lot of new casters think they need to make 37 false casts for each cast delivered to the lawn or water. That is one way to wear out the arm prematurely, plus all the time that line is in the air, the fly is not fishing, except for bats around dusk.

  10. Two handlers all dam day
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  11. Spent 80.00 bucks on fly tying material today. Found a new addiction.
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  12. that's about the only thing I have left to relearn.

    I took a class back 10 years ago with dry flies and nymphs, and let me tell u at 16 it was the most boring thing ever as I was more concentrated on bong rips and chasing tang.

    I keep telling myself im going to start tying steel flies, but for some reason never get around to it. I have everything I neeed too:(
  13. Hit the Stilly again today. Did not catch anything. Could not help but feel a surge of discouragement today but I know that is the name of the game. Its almost like there are no fish in the river or something. Fished around deer creek today with no avail. Yes I am bitching. I am ordering a pizza, and drinking some beer to ease the pain.
  14. Another thing that frustrated me today was the fact that every single fly I have purchased from Pacific Fly Fishers has completely fallen apart. I know I am not doing anything wrong so it is not my fault. I think I am going to talk to them next time and let them know they need to re evaluate the quality of the flies they receive from there vendor. Damn waste of money.
  15. Unless you're tying your own, or paying top $$$ for an American/local tier, you're going to get flies from Guadalajikistan, and they're going to fall apart on ya.
    Part of the game mang.

  16. Thanks man. Yeah I guess I figured this out today. All of my flies are still just fine.
  17. I dont think thats far from the truth. The Bogachiel was void of steelhead this weekend.
  18. It is still somewhat early in the season. Just wait young grasshopper Daniel son
  19. Daniel,

    A good angler I know has fished the NF Stilly 5 times since the opener with no success yet. Last year he'd caught 4 by this time. It varies from year to year.

    Sorry about your flies falling apart. Could be a quality issue, but are you positive that your casting technique is not a contributing factor? We learned some posts ago that you've got some issues there. I would expect even cheap flies, particularly ones from a shop, to last through a few days of fishing.

  20. I have fished it 3 times this week and only seen one hatch brat.
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