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  1. only from November through April. Then the sun comes out, the snow melts and the water thaws out! Rick
  2. Favorite rod is a Sage 8124. I have several newer 2 handers but the 8124 is my go to rod. It is powerful enough to pick up and throw heavy tips with big flies. A fast rod with the ability to fight and land big, brawling winter steelhead efficiently. In my opinion the best steelhead rod ever made. I also have a 6126 that is very similar to the 8124 and is used as a summer rod. I think a rod very similar to the 8124 in a seven weight would be nice.
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  3. We have gratuitous self promotion versus Montana isolationism - Jim if we didn't repeat ourselves about rods, wolves, reels and hidden, secret, nobody should find the secret spot comments what on earth would you comment on?
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  4. My favorite single hand rod is my Burkheimer 595-4, although I also use the 489-2 a lot. But my 595 is perfect for me for the way I cast (thumbing my nose at the latest 5wt rod shootout:p) . I sold my ZXL, XP and BIIX to get my 595 after casting the 489.

    I am trying to save, sell, and beg to get a Burkheimer 695.
  5. My favorite out of my limited arsenal is the CT 8' 3 weight 6 piece. Great small stream rod.

    I'm done buying rods now that I've started building and becoming addicted to that hobby. But next on that wish list is a 6'6" 2/3 weight glass rod.
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  6. In the 1970s and '80s, Dale Clemens Custom Tackle was the biggest rod building supplier in America. At one time, they advertised an unusual series of graphite blanks called Apogee. The tip was eighteen inches of solid graphite ending in a 3.5/64" diameter. Each model was supposed to handle five line sizes! I built a 9-footer, rated for 5-9 lines. There was some exaggeration there, but the rod works fine with 6 and 7 lines, and would handle a 8, possibly a 9, if I needed to. It casts very tight loops, though not with the rigid butts of fast action rods. It's not that fast, but it performs like some of the best current designs, recovering from load very quickly. And its action is pleasingly smooth, without which a rod isn't likely to be a candidate for "favorite."

    I wrapped it with dual strands of green and blue thread, giving a nice aquamarine effect. The grip is a full Wells with the thumb depression I favor for larger rods, that fits my hand like a 7 a.m. erection.:rolleyes:

    The most important parameter a fly rod can possess is suitability for the conditions of the moment, and no rod can do it all. But this one has seen a lot of water, still and flowing. Just yesterday morning, it was fighting heavy winds on B.C.'s Peterhope Lake.
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  7. That is where I am at. The other rods besides my two burkies are ones that I have built, except for a 8'6" 2-piece Winston WT four weight that has sentimental value. I am looking to build a Meiser trout spey as my next winter project.
  8. I like fishing really small creeks. My favorite for that is an old 6.5ft, 5wt Wright & McGill Featherlight (LWF-6 1/2ft) glass rod. It has a pretty light tip but can toss a hopper or streamer when needed. I'd like to do more hiking into the back country to fish more isolated creeks and their headwaters. For that, I'd like to get a Japanese Axisco Airrite 6' 9" 10pc 3wt glass pack rod. The dollar is getting increasingly stronger against the yen. It might be a good time to get one soon...
  9. Summer Steelhead and Sea Run Cutthroat rod is an 8'6" Bill Taylor Quadrate Bamboo rod. For grass, it's a pretty fast rod and beefy enough to handle a summer run fish or a large SRC. Paired with a Hardy Cascapedia and a silk line, it's a dream to fish

    All Round Trout Rod, my old Sage SLT, 8'6" for 5 weight. I have other graphite rods, but the SLT is the one I reach for most often. Lately I've been throwing an SA Sharkskin spooled in an Orvis Barstock Battenkill.

    For West Slope Cutts, Rainbows and the lovely Brown Trout I love my little 7'6" 4 wgt bamboo rod built by the late John Channer. A baby Bill Ballan reel counter balances it wonderfully and is spooled with a silk line.
  10. my favorite is my Lamiglas "honey" rod, 6'6" 2 pc 3 wt. I fish most of my smaller Oregon coastal streams all summer with this set up. I have really embraced the action of the glass and learned to love it.Makes a 10" cutt feel like a monster and I love the ease of presentation. I've landed a 14" cutt on it and that was a blast.
  11. I love my GLX two piece 9' 4wt, I don't imagine that it won't be my favorite for sometime. It seems to do everything I want it to do without to much issue, but mostly I use it for indicator fishing in lakes.

    I think I would like an 11' or so 3wt or 4wt switch rod loaded with just the right grain line to really turn over loooooooong leaders and indicators in stillwaters. I have a 5wt now but I wan't something a bit less if you know what I mean. How about 2wt switch?
  12. Don't know why but my favorite rod is an inexpensive at the time 9' 5 wt Scott Alpha series. I can cast it better than any other rod I own. I do want a 7 wt deer creek switch but it will have to wait a while longer.
  13. Easy......My all time favorite trout rod is my Winston Biit 8'6" 4wt (aka staff of Moses), does so many things, and is a blast to cast and fish.

    Saltwater...Biimx 9'6" 5wt and 6wt.

    Next rod? I think a 8' biit 3wt, maybe to replace my 8'6" WT 3wt 3pc which doesn't get the use it used too because of the biit 4wt.

  14. I have a couple that I fish often and really like, but the rod I fish the least deserves the shout: Sage XP 8100 (10 foot, 8 weight). Doesn't see a lot of use in favor of the two-hander, but the 8100 is a pleasure to cast for an 8 weight.
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  15. IF i had a favorite rod its the one i am using at that time. I would like a 6' 2wt for little streams.
  16. My favorite rod is whatever one I happen to be casting because it means I'm doing something I thoroughly enjoy.
  17. My favorite rod of all time is a sage brownie two piece 6wt speyrod made by a guy that lives up around big lake. It was my first speyrod and still the go to summer run rod.
  18. i have cast many wonderful rods in my days

    the Fenwick HMG 590
    the fisher 906 ( but it was fragile)
    the orvis Salmon 10 ft 9wt
    the orvis rivermaster 9'6" 8wt
    Orvis 10 ft 7 wt trident TL ( i think it was trident)

    but my favorite rod to cast of all time is the CF Burkheimer 9'5" 8wt
    holds a full DT 8 in the air and shoots into the backing yet loads nicely with a 10 ft leader and 2 feet of line.

    my favorite rod on the planet to actually fish and not just cast is the CF Burkheimer 590-4 dal or the 489-4 dal I'd have an exceptionally hard time choosing between the two.

    People rave about Burkheimer spey rods but they are nothing compared to Burkheimer trout rods.. would say that whether i worked there or not.
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  19. Sage z axis 486-4 built by Mike Ediger
    Sage z axis 586-4 (recently departed and hopeful to replace)
    Lew C Parks 7'3" 3pc 4wt Bamboo
    Orvis zero gravity 865-4 (broken and not able to replace, sad)

    I have many more that I like, some older, some newer.
  20. No, we are all happy people here. It's just gets tiring reading about rods all the time. I'm happy with the few rods that I have. How about we all talk about the fish we have caught.

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