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  1. I have fished all winter long. The Beaverhead doesn't freeze over like the Big Hole or the Madison does.
  2. fits my hand like a 7 a.m. erection.:rolleyes:, That made me chuckle.

    Just yesterday morning, it was fighting heavy winds on B.C.'s Peterhope Lake. How did you do? I fished that lake with my Dad about 45 yrs ago.
  3. For lake fishing , my all time favorite rod is my 10 ft , 5 wt St. Croix Ultra Legend . It has the perfect slowness for fishing chironomids under a bobber with long leaders . When the wind is up and I want to toss dragons , leeches or damsels , my T&T Horizon 6 weight gets the call .
    We don`t have many small creeks around here , so my river trout fishing is mainly on the Thompson . For that , I mostly use my Gary Anderson 12 ft. 3 wt spey rod . I have`nt found one that is better . If I want to use a single hander , I really like my Loop Grey Line 4 wt .
    Favorite 2 hander is my Loomis 12.5 ft 7/8 Stinger . I also really like my 9143 Burkie , but it`s really a little too much rod for the Skeena tribs I fish annually .

    What I need is a 9 1/2 or 10 ft single hander in an 8 weight to satisfy my obsession of hooking a wild steelhead on a dead drifted green drake dry . I know where it can be done , and actually had three different fish come up last year , but buck fever set in each time , and I pulled the fly away at about Mach 6 each time
  5. My favorite is usually the last one I bought. Having said that my favorite favorite is a Sage LL 4 wt.

  6. I’m new to posting here but have visited the site many times. I didn’t expect to Apogee mentioned in this thread since it is so rare. A fellow by the name of Joy Dunlap (and I) built one up for my use in about 1990 when I was living in Ft. Walton Beach. We ended up marking mine as a 5-8 wt. An amazingly versatile rod and I love fishing it. It was my go-to trout rod for about 20 years. It is semi-retired now because I don’t want anything bad to happen to it. It needs a re-wrap after thousands of hours fishing but still performs great in it’s wonderful unique way. Easily my favorite of all time. What do I want? A new-old-stock Apogee blank of course.
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  7. Yah, my favorite favorite has to be the Sage LL 4wt. First fly rod I bought; there is nothing like first love...
  8. I have 3 rods; two Scott 5wts (I inherited one from my aunt, may she rest in peace) and a TFO 8wt. As of right now, my original 5wt is my favorite, if only because it's my workhorse and has pulled in a lot of fish for me.
    I'd like a 6wt for the sea-runs; or maybe a two-hander for them there anadromous fish, but I'm not entirely sure I'm ready for that addiction.
  9. My favorites are both Powell rods, from the Press Powell era in Chico, CA, and I put both together from blanks. One is the Light Touch Troutmaster, a 9' rod with 2 tips, one a 5-6 wt, and one a 6-7 wt....very versatile for creeks, rivers and Puget Sound beaches. The other was a 13' 9 wt 3 pc spey rod, that I dearly loved till the wind caught a fly on the forward cast that hit the mid section and blew it up...this was after Powell was sold to the current holders, and the rod/blank was no longer available, so I couldn't get a replacement mid-section....I'm still sad about that. My favorite spey rod, after that episode, has been my Sage 9140-4 GLF Brownie...20 plus yrs old and going strong!

    Jim B.
  10. My go to rod is a Scott STS 906-2 It's a powerful yet easy casting fast/progressive blank. Light as a feather at only 2.9 ounce. Extremely versitile for my region, capable of handling the majority of what I do locally.

    I also have an affinity for 6wts.. 7 that easily come to mind, and I just gave a friend a sweet 9' er.

    No real lust for any new rod right at the moment..
  11. .............
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  12. No you weren't, I don't believe you. :p
  13. My Favorite was a brown Gen III sage 9'0 7wt. For trout as of now it has to be a 8'0 fiberglass that I put together & Steelhead would be my Beulah platinum 7wt Switch. I just got a Tiger eye sage 14'0 9wt blank that will most likely become my favorite when it is done.

    My list is always changing :)
  14. I'm still searching ;) ..... gives me a reason to buy another one...not the 'One', but a better rod :oops:
  15. What about Mr. C & C Rods? Asking with out sharing your favorite ;)
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  16. Anybody who thinks fishing shuts down in Montana during winter,....just keep thinking that.:) My favorite time of the year to fish,plenty of peace and solitude, ...but you have to be a little crazy.I get grumpy in the summer when the tourist hatch swarms. Sage XP-690-2pc.
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  17. Great post. A "5-8 wt"? Talk about an all-round rod!

  18. I have a Walton Powell B taper 8' 5wt cane rod that is easily my favorite. It's a mod-fast (for bamboo) action and is just great. I also have a couple of the old IM6 (again mod-fast) graphite Powell Light Touch rod that are wonderful. The favorite of those is a Featherlight 7'9" 4wt.
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  19. If this year's drought caused fire season, which is off to a VERY early start, turns out to be as predicted, there may be a whole lot more grumpy people as they close rivers across the state.

    Low snowpacks along with a dry (so far) spring will likely translate to low and warm flows this summer. That means restrictions and closures.

    When people plan their vacations and then find themselves blocked from campgrounds and fishing sites, the grumpy factor goes off the scale.

  20. I'd have to say my favorite is a little Headwaters 4-wt bamboo in a Garrison taper.

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