a survey about your favorite rod

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  1. Andy D Member

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    My favorite rod is my z-axis 7110. The next rod I would like to get would have to be between 11' and 12' and cast around a 550gr head ( I am currently pining for a tcx 8119)
  2. Vladimir Steblina Retired Forester...now fishing instead of working

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    I don't pay much attention to rods.

    I am down to three rods: A Sage from 1980, and a 5wt TFO and a 8wt TFO.

    I had couple rods break this past year.

    I generally buy IM6 rods since they are fairly cheap. Looks like I will be buying another one soon.
  3. wichaka Active Member

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    I have a Sage SPL 2wt and a custom made 379 LL. For heavier stuff I use a Scott original G 8' 4wt 2 piece, or a Sage RPL 586 5wt.

    I like slower casting rods, and am looking for an early Scott 'glass model. So something along the lines of the above. I fish mostly small streams, so soft presentation is a must.
  4. bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

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    This is so true, Well at least theres Wolf hunting!!!!
  5. mtgreenheads Member

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    Eastbranch 8'6" 3 wt with Ross G1. Amazing rod, scared to fish though because its irreplaceable. Looking for a TFO Mangrove 12 wt next
  6. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Dillon, Mt
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    You have to go where there aren't any crowds. I caught plenty of fish by getting away from the Blue Ribbon Streams. Most of the time I was the only one on the water.

    Yes, winter time is a good time to fish. You have the water all to yourself.
  7. weiliwen Active Member

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    I have a 7''9" 4-weight that I really love. It is a home-made rod, made by a guy working at a fly shop. I picked it up at an outdoor show maybe 20 years ago at that fly shop's booth. The only writing on the blank was "Chalkstream" and "4 wt." It's got a fairly slow action, at least compared to the broomsticks out there these days, but can huck a #4 conehead muddler as far as I need to get it. It's only a 2-piece, and I've kept it in a home-made rod tube made from a piece of PVC pipe. At the time I bought it, it was my only rod for a long while, but even after I've gotten many more, it's still my fave. I've caught fish up to 5 lbs with it.
  8. Randall Clark Active Member

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    For me, it really depends of what I'm fishing for. But, day in and day out, my favorite fly rod has to be my Steffen Brothers 8' 5/6wt glass rod. It's also one of my most versatile rods. I fish anything from bluegills up to large trout/small summers with it and it handles all of them with ease. If I'm fishing for winter steelhead, I'm always reaching for my Steffen 8.5' 7/8wt.

    if we're talking just trout, then it's Steffen 1st, Fenwick HMG 8' 6wt second. If I'm just fishing smallies or summer steel, I've started really enjoying a Fisher 8.5' 6/7wt glass rod...

    I fish plenty of graphite rods as well, but for the most part, those are more specialty tools...like Jetty fishing, or surf fishing or on the rare occasion I get out and fish for Tuna.
  9. Nick Clayton Active Member

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    My favorite trout rod is my Z 590 2 piece.

    If I could only keep one of my rods to cover as many situations as possible, it would be my Orvis Helios 10' 6 wt. I've used that for everything from throwing clousers off the beach to throwing streamers to throwing 20' + leaders and 2 chironomids. Wouldn't give that rod up for anything.
  10. Rick Todd Active Member

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    With all the time you spent bitching about the snow falling this winter, I'm surprised you had time to fish at all! BTW-I always fish and pheasant hunt opening weekend of pheasant season. Two years ago, temp was -4 at the Big Sky Motel in Choteau on October 8. We couldn't fish the Missouri the first half of the week because of ice and snow on the ramps. So I know what fishing in Montana in the winter is like (and winter comes earlier in Mt than most places!) But I still love fishing and hunting in Montana and do it a lot! Rick
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  11. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    We get snow, but it isn't much. Maybe a inch or two and with the cold the snow just disappears. The Beaverhead is ice free all winter long.
  12. Steve Call Active Member

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    I'm still searching for my favorite rod.
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  13. David Dalan 69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E

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    Usually the one that is in my hand at the moment....these are favorites, but there are others that I fish more.

    1. Orvis Helios 13'6' two hander. Really like this stick. Scandi 7wt dry line? Check. 525 Skagit w tips? check. 550 Skagit w/tips? Check. I'd knock a foot off it if I could.

    2. Old St. Croix Legend Ultra 9'6" 4 wt. Beats my 0G 4 wt by a mile. I could really use a short, scandi style head for this rod.

    Would buy...Death Star. I hear it's fast as well and it's a bit shorter. But given the premium I paid for the current 2 hander (though I got a hell of a deal on it used), I doubt I'll ever feel like having two $$$$$ big sticks in the quiver. Maybe after I break the Helios?
  14. Drifter Active Member

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    Well in the last two years I have bought and sold many rods in 6 wt. great parking lot casters!
    One of the best being a saltwater 696 z or even the 690-4 saltwater helios I have right now that I'm going to sell, tightest loops I've ever thrown was with the helios salt 6 but most of the rods I've bought and sold are just not good fishing rods for me. I like a full flex rod for fighting fish.

    My orvis full flex 696-3 superfine osprey rod would never win any parking lot casting competitions but man can it fish! it's by far my favorite large trout fishing rod and always has been since I built one in 1981. I have tried to find better, but on the water , I can not find a rod that will do what I want like the osprey! I actually just bought a 696-2 rpl that I haven't tested on the water yet so more research will have to be done. I just took it to crane prairie res. with me for a week but it sat in it's tube on the boat because I just couldn't put down the osprey. guess I could leave the osprey at home but that will never happen!

    The 696 helios will be my next rod and is softer then the 690 salt helios. I called orvis because the 696 is actually listed as lighter in weight then the 690 salt but the figures were right and I was told the salt 690 is built more like a 6 1/2 weight rod and they were right, was told the 696 is softer. I will be finding out soon!
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  15. Slate Run Member

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    In 1966 I was in college about an hour north of Manchester, VT where there was a small fly shop and adjacent converted barn where they produced bamboo rods that I couldn't afford. But I did buy a Battenkill 6wt 7'6" blank, which very nearly led to my flunking out of college. :p Now, forty-seven years later, that Orvis bamboo still makes me smile with every cast.
  16. Darthmonkey Active Member

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    Favorite Freshwater single hand rod: 9' 5 weight Winston BIIX
    Favorite Saltwater single had rod: 9' 9 weight Scott S4s
    Favorite Two Handed Rod: 13'3" Burkheimer 3 piece
    Rod I wish to add: 9' 6 weight Winston WT