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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by C&CRods, May 13, 2013.

  1. Andy D

    Andy D Member

    My favorite rod is my z-axis 7110. The next rod I would like to get would have to be between 11' and 12' and cast around a 550gr head ( I am currently pining for a tcx 8119)
  2. Vladimir Steblina

    Vladimir Steblina Retired Forester...now fishing instead of working

    I don't pay much attention to rods.

    I am down to three rods: A Sage from 1980, and a 5wt TFO and a 8wt TFO.

    I had couple rods break this past year.

    I generally buy IM6 rods since they are fairly cheap. Looks like I will be buying another one soon.
  3. wichaka

    wichaka Active Member

    I have a Sage SPL 2wt and a custom made 379 LL. For heavier stuff I use a Scott original G 8' 4wt 2 piece, or a Sage RPL 586 5wt.

    I like slower casting rods, and am looking for an early Scott 'glass model. So something along the lines of the above. I fish mostly small streams, so soft presentation is a must.
  4. bennysbuddy

    bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

    This is so true, Well at least theres Wolf hunting!!!!
  5. mtgreenheads

    mtgreenheads Member

    Eastbranch 8'6" 3 wt with Ross G1. Amazing rod, scared to fish though because its irreplaceable. Looking for a TFO Mangrove 12 wt next
  6. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    You have to go where there aren't any crowds. I caught plenty of fish by getting away from the Blue Ribbon Streams. Most of the time I was the only one on the water.

    Yes, winter time is a good time to fish. You have the water all to yourself.
  7. weiliwen

    weiliwen Active Member

    I have a 7''9" 4-weight that I really love. It is a home-made rod, made by a guy working at a fly shop. I picked it up at an outdoor show maybe 20 years ago at that fly shop's booth. The only writing on the blank was "Chalkstream" and "4 wt." It's got a fairly slow action, at least compared to the broomsticks out there these days, but can huck a #4 conehead muddler as far as I need to get it. It's only a 2-piece, and I've kept it in a home-made rod tube made from a piece of PVC pipe. At the time I bought it, it was my only rod for a long while, but even after I've gotten many more, it's still my fave. I've caught fish up to 5 lbs with it.
  8. Randall Clark

    Randall Clark Active Member

    For me, it really depends of what I'm fishing for. But, day in and day out, my favorite fly rod has to be my Steffen Brothers 8' 5/6wt glass rod. It's also one of my most versatile rods. I fish anything from bluegills up to large trout/small summers with it and it handles all of them with ease. If I'm fishing for winter steelhead, I'm always reaching for my Steffen 8.5' 7/8wt.

    if we're talking just trout, then it's Steffen 1st, Fenwick HMG 8' 6wt second. If I'm just fishing smallies or summer steel, I've started really enjoying a Fisher 8.5' 6/7wt glass rod...

    I fish plenty of graphite rods as well, but for the most part, those are more specialty tools...like Jetty fishing, or surf fishing or on the rare occasion I get out and fish for Tuna.
  9. Nick Clayton

    Nick Clayton Active Member

    My favorite trout rod is my Z 590 2 piece.

    If I could only keep one of my rods to cover as many situations as possible, it would be my Orvis Helios 10' 6 wt. I've used that for everything from throwing clousers off the beach to throwing streamers to throwing 20' + leaders and 2 chironomids. Wouldn't give that rod up for anything.
  10. Rick Todd

    Rick Todd Active Member

    With all the time you spent bitching about the snow falling this winter, I'm surprised you had time to fish at all! BTW-I always fish and pheasant hunt opening weekend of pheasant season. Two years ago, temp was -4 at the Big Sky Motel in Choteau on October 8. We couldn't fish the Missouri the first half of the week because of ice and snow on the ramps. So I know what fishing in Montana in the winter is like (and winter comes earlier in Mt than most places!) But I still love fishing and hunting in Montana and do it a lot! Rick
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  11. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    We get snow, but it isn't much. Maybe a inch or two and with the cold the snow just disappears. The Beaverhead is ice free all winter long.
  12. Steve Call

    Steve Call Active Member

    I'm still searching for my favorite rod.
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  13. David Dalan

    David Dalan 69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E

    Usually the one that is in my hand at the moment....these are favorites, but there are others that I fish more.

    1. Orvis Helios 13'6' two hander. Really like this stick. Scandi 7wt dry line? Check. 525 Skagit w tips? check. 550 Skagit w/tips? Check. I'd knock a foot off it if I could.

    2. Old St. Croix Legend Ultra 9'6" 4 wt. Beats my 0G 4 wt by a mile. I could really use a short, scandi style head for this rod.

    Would buy...Death Star. I hear it's fast as well and it's a bit shorter. But given the premium I paid for the current 2 hander (though I got a hell of a deal on it used), I doubt I'll ever feel like having two $$$$$ big sticks in the quiver. Maybe after I break the Helios?
  14. Drifter

    Drifter Active Member

    Well in the last two years I have bought and sold many rods in 6 wt. great parking lot casters!
    One of the best being a saltwater 696 z or even the 690-4 saltwater helios I have right now that I'm going to sell, tightest loops I've ever thrown was with the helios salt 6 but most of the rods I've bought and sold are just not good fishing rods for me. I like a full flex rod for fighting fish.

    My orvis full flex 696-3 superfine osprey rod would never win any parking lot casting competitions but man can it fish! it's by far my favorite large trout fishing rod and always has been since I built one in 1981. I have tried to find better, but on the water , I can not find a rod that will do what I want like the osprey! I actually just bought a 696-2 rpl that I haven't tested on the water yet so more research will have to be done. I just took it to crane prairie res. with me for a week but it sat in it's tube on the boat because I just couldn't put down the osprey. guess I could leave the osprey at home but that will never happen!

    The 696 helios will be my next rod and is softer then the 690 salt helios. I called orvis because the 696 is actually listed as lighter in weight then the 690 salt but the figures were right and I was told the salt 690 is built more like a 6 1/2 weight rod and they were right, was told the 696 is softer. I will be finding out soon!
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  15. Slate Run

    Slate Run Active Member

    In 1966 I was in college about an hour north of Manchester, VT where there was a small fly shop and adjacent converted barn where they produced bamboo rods that I couldn't afford. But I did buy a Battenkill 6wt 7'6" blank, which very nearly led to my flunking out of college. :p Now, forty-seven years later, that Orvis bamboo still makes me smile with every cast.
  16. Darthmonkey

    Darthmonkey Active Member

    Favorite Freshwater single hand rod: 9' 5 weight Winston BIIX
    Favorite Saltwater single had rod: 9' 9 weight Scott S4s
    Favorite Two Handed Rod: 13'3" Burkheimer 3 piece
    Rod I wish to add: 9' 6 weight Winston WT

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