Abel reel color on sage one

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  1. Looking for opinions on reel colors on sage one? Abel has an endless array of combinations. I was thinking platinum
  2. If it was me I would go with Bronze, Black or Copper in that order. It's a litte hard to tell online but I know that Bauer's bronze looks awesome on the Sage One.
  3. While you are talking about reel colors. Be sure you don't get a fly line color that will clash with your reel.

    Don't get to flashy as the fish will probably just laugh at you instead of flipping you off.
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  4. Don't really know what bug crawled up your butt this week OMJ but you do not need to be negative on every post. Like you yourself have said, if you are not interested in the thread don't click on it.
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  5. Just trying to have a little fun. Why does everybody always take this shit so damn seriously.

    I was just thinking.........................Maybe it's because it's so dam hot out and I'm grouchy because of it.
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  6. You know OMJ you could be right about the heat, I am sure it has made in a little short as well lol. Sorry I did not take your post as intended :oops:
  7. Hey man. Abel has a Sage ONE color called #001. It looks pretty slick with the rod. Abel's website doesn't do it justice!
  8. That's cool, I saw it online but thought it was copper.
  9. It's going to match the reel seat of whatever sage one rod you have.
  10. Well, this is just precious! A matching ensemble! And I thought only high school girls worried about their lipstick matching their nail polish, their scarf not clashing with their eyes and the always popular--"Does this dress make me look fat? Be honest now"

    Women's Lib has come full circle.:rolleyes:

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  11. I like the black...it's always "right", no matter what color rod blank.
  12. Whatever color makes the loudest fashion statement because if the reels come in assorted colors we're obviously not talking about being classy or demonstrating understated elegance.

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