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  1. Anyone ever been here? I'm doing a research project on it( I picked it because there's good fishing there; I'm in high school), and I would like to know a good place to stay that someone's been to. Thanks
  2. It is really hard not to run with this and be a smart ass but I will pass for now. Honestly man what I would suggest is looking up the areas website where you can learn everything from government, entertainment, lodging, and everything else you want to know, and its a reputable website that you can cite from. Shit I will just do it for you.

    http://www.nationsonline.org/oneworld/slovenia.htm - click to learn facts about area.

    http://www.slovenia.info/ - click to learn about lodging, and entertainment.

    Lastly, when you get into college, you will greatly need to expand your research skills. Information pulled from the websites I gave you are both non profit and reputable. Using websites like this forum or even wikepedia will get you on your instructors bad side in a hurry. Good luck little dude.
  3. I know it sounds retarded. I have already looked up a good amount, but fishing wise and good tourist spots that aren't over crowded is what I'm looking for. And thanks for the sites, but I've already pulled a bunch of info out of them a few days ago. I also would like to go to Europe myself, and want to catch the Marbled Trout.
  4. Still this is the last place you want to look because it is not considered a reputable source for references or citations. If I need to know about fishing options in that area I would find guide service websites, find fish and wildlife website ect. You gotta think professional.

    What are you going to say when your instructor says " wow this is well written but where did you get your source?" If you say " I talked to some person by the name of scrotiemcboogerballs about fishing down there and he says the bass fishing is great". Your instructor will cut your grade down considerably.
  5. I know. I posted this only because of reasons for my use only. Just for my knowledge and a possibility that I could help me. I've always been an A student, so this project won't be that hard.
  6. Keep in mind that when I say that this website is NOT a reputable source for fishing I mean at a collegiate writing level when you must do a research paper.
    Do not get that confused with requesting personal advice on where to fish and such cause there are some smart fuckers on this site. Problem is your instructor does not know that and is difficult to prove.

  7. Oh okay I see, well your initial post stated that you were doing a school project, and you picked Slovenia as the topic, and you need to have information through research for your teacher. But clearly after I give you some really helpfull information you decided to edit your original post to look like its all personal, and I look like a complete idiot. Thanks dude.

    Also, you should be proud of yourself that your and A student. But, try to be an A+ student instead. Goodluck on your paper.
  8. Thanks. It's actually a board presentation, and I'd put travel cost on the left while putting tourist destinations on the right and so on.
  9. I've fished in Croatia and Bosnia, and I met a guy from Slovenia out there that I might still have contact info for. Finding good info online in English can be a bit tough. Are you liking for a place to stay for yourself, or just to include in your presentation?

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  10. Look at Daniel Ocean laying out the advice..... Guy must've caught a steelhead or something.
  11. nope he just took up college since he realized roping chrome is impossible for him
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  12. Jason, just for my presentation.
  13. Are you looking for prices of hotels and that kind of thing? Being a relatively small country you might search for hostels and pensions in the capital Ljubljana. Another common thing is for people to rent out rooms in their houses for a night out two. Or a traveler could use something like couchsurfing.org for free. I used the latter two while traveling.

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  14. Thanks for info Jason. Ljubljana has been the city I've been looking at because it's the largest.
  15. Ahhhh..... well I remember the olden dayes of refearch by going to the local monastary, perufing the tiny lyttle cards to obtain a list of books to refearch. I believe the head monk was named Dewey and had just invented a method of categorizing the books.
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  16. Something you may or may not see on all the general info sites is how illegal logging practices are negatively impacting the fishing in Slovenia. If you're looking for an angle on an essay, that'd provide a challenge at least.
  17. In the last ten years Slovenia has been a heavily promoted tourist destination so information should be very easy to find. Hostels and small hotels are common almost everywhere. Ljubljana is a thriving metropolis and a days journey from Triglav Nation Park and Bled. Both major tourist destinations. The Soca River and its tribuatries are the ancestoral home of the Marbeled trout. I have stayed in Ljubljana, Bled and Gorizia. Draw a circle encompasing those three points and you have the most often visited area in Slovenia. You also have the home of the fish you seek.

    Finding lodging should be very easy almost any time of year.

    I did not fish while I was there.

  18. Try contacting the Grizzly Hackle in Missoula, MT. They had been producing (don't know if they still are) a program called Wild On The Fly and I they did a two-part show on a quest for Marble Trout in Slovenia.
  19. Going there in April. Going to stay about a week or so. Looking forward to picking up a few beautiful grayling.

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