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    Go to a bookstore, library or download a "Lonely Planet" guidebook for Slovenia. http://shop.lonelyplanet.com/slovenia/slovenia-travel-guide-7/ It will tell you everything you need to know and more. It will give you an introduction to the country, its regions, main tourist attractions, festivals and recreational activities, local customs to be aware of, how to get there and get around and then by region and city, list various price hotels from 5 star to hostels and camping, restaurants from expensive to food carts, museums and all the main things to do in that town with the prices, hours and contact info, etc. You can also find this info on the web but it will entail many hours of searching.

    If you want to focus on just researching a fishing trip, focus on the Soca River. I was planning a fishing trip there last summer but health issues forced me to cancel. I'm hoping to go this summer and I found everything I needed to know in a couple hours searching and it was in English - from fly fishing guide websites to accommodations. (most international websites have an English version. Often, look for a little British flag to click) There are many towns and small cities along the Soca River and a National Park with camping up high so if you focus on a fishing trip to this river, you will be able to present a variety of options for every budget. Staying in Ljubljana just means a long commute every day, added cost and less time fishing!

    I strongly encourage you to also research and present options for doing it for the least money possible, along with mid and higher priced options. Most Americans are not aware of how cheap international travel can be so they don't go. Your research may inspire your classmates to someday pack a backpack and go explore Europe & the world by train, bus or thumb, and make it affordable by using couch surfing or staying in cheap hostels or campgrounds. Heck, one can even exchange a bit of daily work for free room and board on a farm and there are organizations that help set it up. For instance, check out http://wwoofinternational.org/

    Again though, if you want to make this really easy, just go get a guide book like Lonely Planet or Rough Guide. Stay away from Fodor guidebooks as although they have pretty pictures, they will not give all the cheaper options.
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    I have a mancrush on rolf nylander. A swede that makes awesome films with his buddies. If you search for him and front side fly and kokkaffe films, you'll find lots of cool stuff to distract yourself. I am good at distractions if you need advice.


    You could spend hours looking at his videos, here are a couple from Slovenia and one of his websites.

    Have fun, and enjoy school, it will give you lots of cool opportunities. I am going back to school right now at 40 to learn and experience things that I blew off the first time around.

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    I can't recommend staying in Ljubljana and commuting to your fishing spot. The commute is longer than it looks. You wouldn't want to stay in NYC and commute to the Catskills to fish every day. That may be a bit of an exageration but you get the idea. Instead, stay in one of the many mountain towns closer to your fishing destination. As I understand it, better fishing is in the tributaries. Also the Soca is a major rafting destination and subject to major runoff most years.

    The Soca (pronounced so-cha) is imortalized in Ernest Hemingway's Farewell to Arms. Be sure to read it before you go.


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