Advice needed for a Clear floating flyline

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by onefish, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. onefish New Member

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    I prefer to use a floating line and am looking for a full clear floater or clear tip floater for coho here on Vancouver Island, so no tropical lines and no added tips. Does anyone have any suggestions . Thanks
  2. Steve Kokita FISHON206

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    Years back I had a Cortland 555 clear floater in 5 wt for lakes. It wasn't too bad, but had a lot of memory....more than me!
  3. Chris Bellows The Thought Train

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    how heavy a line do you need? if a 6 wt will work, try the airflo ridge clear tactical line. higher you could get the airflo clear delta floater.

    an integrated line like an outbound short with a clear floating tip (or full 30' clear) is my dream coho line. monic's all weather clear floater might be close but i have not cast one.
  4. onefish New Member

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    I should have added I am looking for an 8wt line. Unfortunately the airflo lines are 6wt or less.
  5. Stonefish Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater

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    Monic make an all weather clear floater in an 8 wt.
    Never used one so I can't vouch for the product.
  6. Chris Bellows The Thought Train

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    the airflo clear delta floater goes up to an 8wt, but i don't know about the taper for poppers and heavy flies.
  7. Cannon Member

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    I have used the Monic All Weather Clear Floater in 8wt. for Pacific Salmon along the beach and in estuaries and the 5wt. for Cutties off the beach. Very good lines. I just recently p/u the Airflo Ridge Clear Tactical floater in the 5wt. and I like better it than the Monic. That being said, the Monic lines are very good. I tried the Cortland 555 Clear floater when it was introduced and it was a disaster. I throw a #4 Muddler and Miyawaki Beach Popper on my 5wt. with the Airflo line. Not too much a problem. Just have to open up the loop.

    The Ridge Clear Delta goes up to a 8/9 wt. as the Monic goes up to a 10wt.
  8. ten80 Active Member

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    I have the Clear Delta 8/9 slow sink for my 8wt 9ft rod and it casts pretty nicely, even with large flies. It has a fairly long taper, so it mends and handles well on rivers. Not so ideal for punching the wind on beaches.
  9. David Loy Senior Moment

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    Rio Outbound Short Floating with a 10' clear floating tip. Carry other sink rated tips in your vest. One or two false casts to line it up, and shoot.