advise on a Thomas & Thomas hs 907 st 4 piece rod

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by benisa, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Hi​
    have been offered the above rod​
    Trying to find a little about it​
    is it saltwater safe or more freshwater​
    any one got or had one what are they like​
    as said any advise Thanks!​
    ps hope on the correct page on the forum​
  2. HS 907 S-4 maybe?
  3. You can use any rod in the salt as long as you care for it properly. Most often these days, salt water rods have an aluminum or composite reel seat but not necessarily. The wooden seats are fine as long as you rinse thoroughly after each use and allow the cork to dry slowly. The other components of the rod like the stripping guides are sometimes larger or there may be two stripping guides but in reality as long as you take care of the rod it will be fine in the salt. That means dismount the real, rinse in warm, not hot, water and tighten and loosen the reel seat to make sure any small grits of sand don't get caught inside the threads. I also pay close attention to the guides to make sure there are no bits of sea weed stuck to them, etc. Periodically, I use a solution of mild detergent and a fine brush to clean the cork as well. Fishing the salt can cause it to get dirty faster.
  4. Hi
    thanks for the information
    silly me I knew it would be ok for saltwater as along as y clean it ( thanks for the bit on that Steve )
    but has anyone had one of these rods and can tell me what they think of it
    many thanks for your help
  5. The best way to clean the salt off a rod is to take it in the shower with you. The "down flow" from the shower head gets into all the spaces between the guide feet and into all the ferrules and rinses clean. It is much easier than trying to use a sink and dip half a section at a time. Plus, you probably have a big towel to use for drying.
  6. I have this rod and the 8wt. Both are SW friendly. As far as casting goes the HS series is smoth and powerfull. I have owned this rod since they first came out. At the time they were labled fast action. The late version HS2 is not as forgiving as the origional Horizon.
  7. 1 morecast

    thanks great this is what I was hoping to hear
    have just brought the rod $299 bucks
    think a good deal?
  8. Benisa, If the roddents in the is in good shape, no rust, no dings or dents in the finsih this is an excellent deal. Good luck
  9. Hi
    Yes from what I have been told the rod is like new
    going to collect + see it later in the week

    will give you a update
    was thinking it would go well with my Tibor reel

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