Airplane: Carrying on Flys instead of checking in your baggage.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Brennen Busse, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. When I was in the Coast Guard, we often heard about the inconsistencies of enforcement from region to region nationwide. In both cases (here and above), the criticism is fair. But when you have tens of thousands personnel and all kind of layers of management, regionally and nationally, I'm not sure how to work out those inconsistencies as it's inherent to the system. Seattle PD for exam[ple is much smaller and they are having a hard time getting it right too.
  2. Made it through security with no problems. Thanks for the help. Enjoy your weekend.
  3. Somehow McDonald's is able to do it, and they aren't exactly hiring rocket scientists......
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  4. Interpreting and enforcing complicated rules and procedures and serving hamburgers aren't exactly the same thing in my eyes.
  5. When I fly to Mexico in a week, I will cary on my reel and flies. Coming back, I have to check them for some reason. TSA is not a Mexican authority and from Loreto, they make you check everything like that.
  6. Dave, you've clearly never worked at McDonald's. I'd argue that the systems and procedures behind a multi-billion dollar hamburger chain are just as complicated as TSA's, but with a LOT less room for interpretation on the part of their managers or line staff.

    Say what you will about their gut-busting menu, white-bread TV commercials, or their stupid clown, what McDonald's does supremely well is to insure that its patrons' experience and product consistency is virtually identical from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon. McDonald's has rightly boasted for years that they've trained more entry-level workers than the US Army.

    If McDonald's won't tolerate a franchisee in Boise arbitrarily deciding to offer customers an Egg McMuffin made with strip bacon instead of Canadian, why should TSA allow its Boise manager to interpret the agency's rules and procedures differently than, say Seattle?

  7. I agree that McDonald's is a complex organization. There are a lot of things that make things tick like they do at McDonald's no question. Product supply is one of them. But again deciding to use bacon instead of Canadian bacon is hardly rocket science and requires no subjectivity to the layman worker. You know what Canadian bacon is and so do I. But you and I could look at some ambiguous TSA rules or procedures and I'm sure we'd have disagreements on their interpretation and enforcement at some point. Providing a product and providing a service can be different. I'm personally a McDonald's fan. I don't go there often but when I get fast food, it's almost always McDonald's. While the food experience usually consistent (not always), I've had plenty complaints with things over the years with them (e.g. slow or poor service, order something that's seldom served on the menu = a long wait, cold or old/burnt coffee ,etc.). But conversely, I've never had a complaint personally with the TSA at the Airport go figure...
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  8. And poor Brennen's thread has gone a bit sideways!

    Now we're arguing the TSA vs. McDonald's!! :confused:
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  9. No arguing here! Dave and I are engaging in polite discourse about a question that will likely never be answered. It's relevant though because of how many here fly to fishing destinations. I'm simply gobsmacked by how much latitude TSA appears to grant screeners in their personal interpretation of what should be hard and fast rules.

    Sure, McGyver could probably fashion a lethal weapon from a Martha Stewart cake-decorating bag just as one of us could probably do using everyday fishing gear. The question isn't whether we should ban cake decorating bags in carryons but why fishing gear is allowed through some checkpoints but not others. Let's decide if a flyline is lethal and then agree to not allow it in carryons at ALL airports instead of arbitrarily allowing it through some but not others.

    And don't even get me started on why KY jelly needs to be in a clear 1 quart Ziploc bag while Vaseline does not!

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  10. Believe me, that's a question I would NEVER ask you!!!! :eek: :D;)
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  11. BTW, I agree the TSA folks seem to have some pretty arbitrary rules!

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