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  1. Anyone have a boat they run for tuna? I was a bit surprised by the lack of tuna posts last season given the accessibility of the bluewater and how good the fishing was only 20 miles out of Westport. I did my first trip last August (charter) and it was a blast. Seems to me there’s a lot of potential there for outstanding flyfishing. Anyway, I’m about to upgrade to bigger boat that is capable of making off-shore runs for tuna, but I don’t think I’d do so without a buddy boat. If anyone wants to connect this summer for a trip or 2 please shoot me a pm. Cheers
  2. that'd be awesome! i was thinkin about looking for a guide this fall.
  3. Funny. Sorry McNasty, I have lots of buddies - without boats! I'm lookin for a buddy with a boat as a wing man. I guess it's off to the dark side. Seems to be lots of guys looking to buddy boat up on some of the gear forums although I may have to work on a new bait chuckin, blood covered, foul mouthed, middle finger extending alter ego to endear myself.
  4. Joe, maybe I can help serve as ambassador, as I live on both sides of the fence. I'll shoot you a PM.
  5. No diplomacy necessary! I grew up gear fishing and have bonked more than my share of bluefish working on party boats in NJ in my youth (don't get the bird posing thing though). The only tuna I've caught on a fly were hooked trolling, so that hardly makes me a purest, but I'm hoping to change that this year.

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