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  1. Has anyone heard of these outfit before or have any of his reels or rods? I stumbled onto it online.

    I order a reel, and he mailed me back and said he would feel bad charging me full price since he was offering a discount to old customers. Now I had already sent my order in and had agreed to pay full price. This company shows some class. I was very impressed.

    I haven't gotten the reel and fly hook samples (he is sending me) as I just ordered last night but I am looking forward to see if it has as much class as the Company. Website below.

    Jerry Arlington
  2. Looks interesting. I'd like to hear a review once you get the gear!
  3. I'm very interested to hear about the gear when you get it...
  4. Sounds very interesting! You should def post a review after you receive the product
  5. Nice looking reels, and affordable. I would like to hear about your purchase when you've had a chance to play with it.
  6. Look good, I too look forward to a report. Sounds like a pretty simple company philosophy to me.
  7. I just ordered some hooks, and have been in contact with Justin about the reels. will post a report about it once I have more info.
  8. Look like they're made in China... seen a very similar design if not the same model online... try for a pretty good reel for the $$$... I have a CRG-II 5/7... the owner Bob is a nice guy... says they're machined in PA...

  9. I have worked hard to lose 40 lbs over the last 5 mos and the Patagonia Guidewater vest I bought for 30% off is way too big. I figure can still wear it over a PFD and winter clothes. I have been coveting a Fishpond for awhile as most of my Fishing takes me a long ways from my car. Awhile back I had to pass on a 46% off deal for a Fishpond Wasatch at $100 and felt kinda bad. Low and behold Allen & Co has vest/packs and chest/packs with a very similar design to Fishpond.

    Rucksack with Vest

    1. Worn together as a combo or separate
    2. Adjustable shoulder and waist strap design
    3. Padded, contoured shoulder straps for control and comfort
    4. Three large backpack cargo pockets
    5. Two water resistant pockets with taped seams and six large front pockets
    6. Four front large interior mesh pockets
    7. Gear attachment tabs, cord loops, and D-ring net lash
    8. Hemostat keeper
    9. Built-in rod tube holder with compression straps
    10. Interior hydration pouch/tube port

    I registered on the Allen & Co site to receive their flyers and soon I got an email that said the packs are ready. I was intrigued by both the $63 price and a comment that the vest and pack can be worn together as a combo or separate; something that the Fishpond packs cannot do and may help prevent Allen & Co from getting sued for patent infringement.

    I decided to take a chance and ordered one. First impressions are this is a very nice vest and I thought I would do a thorough review here because overall I like the vest and someone might just dismiss it at that price. I worked in the garment industry for a short time before I did the military thing, and used to sew up my own basic mountaineering soft gear and modified a lot of things I bought. I also outsourced some ideas that were beyond my meager sewing skills so I appreciate innovation. Without having a Fishpond vest next to me to compare fabric denier and foam densities I can't comment on that but the Allen uses a fairly heavy coarse nylon fabric on the areas that would be stressed like the pack bottom and ripstop elsewhere. All stress points are generously bartacked. The fabric does not appear to be hot cut. The seams all appear to be rolled and top stitched and almost all of the stitching is trimmed up nicely at the seam ends. The foam backpad/stay is lightly padded and less firm than my Patagonia, but that vest's suspension is overkill for what I carry (it sure is comfortable though). The pack harness is lightly padded, mesh-lined with contoured straps and an adjustable sternum strap so the pack will stay put. I feel the harness and backpad/stay will be completely adequate for it's intended use.

    The vest has pockets on pockets everywhere. There is also an elastic web sternum strap inside the vest to hold the vest tight with the zipper open. I like vertical pocket designs and most of the zippers are dual foot that I think are more secure if accidentally left partially open. The rod holder loop is too small and I cannot locate an upper velcro clasp (maybe the elastic sternum strap?). That will be the first mod I will do.

    The zippers do not track as well as my Patagonia and the facings could be set back a little farther to eliminate jamming. Rubbing down most of the zippers' teeth with candle wax helped a lot. One thing I found amusing was the vest closure zipper foot is on the left; backward from most mens garments.

    But again, unlike the Fishpond the pack snaps off and a firmly padded collar and a plain adjustable webbing back strap can snap on for an open back vest to use in hot weather. Without the vest the backpack can be worn alone to carry a modest load and the bottom vest attachment straps become a waist belt. One size fits most; I'm 5' 11", 185 lbs, rather long waisted and I've got the vest cinched all the way up to the pack at top and bottom, and the shoulder straps are tightend to about 50%. With the vest alone I have the adjustable back strap cinched up about 50%.

    2 zipper pull tab camlocks have already come loose but they can be reset. Think I'll try laquering them and may fuse the cord ends together so I don't loose the cords if pull tab camlocks come off.

    I love my Patagonia but I think this vest may serve me better for the majority of fishing I do.

    Design - 5 stars ; a very innovative design, with a better rod holder it would be off the scale
    Materials - 3 1/2 stars
    Workmanship - 4 stars
    Price - 4 stars $63 and that includes shipping
    Value - 4 stars (-) I may have rated this and price a little higher with some better zippers, zipper pull tabs and rod holder attachments. Sometimes paying a little more for higher quality components isn't a bad thing.

    I showed it to a fly angling buddy at work (he's an artist; I like to watch him work the water) and he ordered one.

    looking forward to Jerry's report on their reels before I make my next purchase ;D

    *1 year later... Time tells, Ya gets what ya pays for.
  10. Brian,

    Thanks for the review, I just e-mailed him to find out if the back portion (the "pack") is the same on both models - if so the chest pack/back-pack combo with hydration compartment/tube routing and rod tube holder sounds like exactly what I'm looking for. Still waiting to hear about the reel quality - if it is good the larger sizes would make very reasonably priced spey reels.
  11. Hi Guys, Thanks Brian for the Review. I took some notes on what you said and my next one (not sure when that will be yet) will be even better. I'm not pricing my products at retail costs. However, I know that might make some go elsewere. Thats fine, not everyone likes the same things.

    HI Bob. I got your email. Sending you a reply in a few.

    If anyone has anymore questions, please feel free to PM me.

    Thanks everyone
  12. Has anybody tried out the fly lines? I see that they are selling them at an amazingly low price of $9.50. I wonder how the quality and castibility is?
  13. Any reviews on the reel yet? Or the flylines?

  14. Justin is a class act. I purchased my Alpha Reel over a year ago. I have used it with my Sage Rod and I love it. He has a sick little 3 wt out with a full cork grip for creeking check them out... ..... Chris
  15. Finally got all my stuff. I had to send the first reel back, it was not big enough for my spey line and backing. I love my new reel, it is smooth as glass and the drag is smooth as silk and it is pleasing to the eye, it looks like it cost $300-$400 instead of Allen's prices.

    The Ruck sake and attachable vest is great also. Very sturdy made with tons of double zipper pockets, two ripple foam fly boxes that zip and then fold down to a 90 degree. Great product.

    This guy is great to work with, he'll get you what you need and make sure that it works like you expect.

    I highly recommend his products.

    Jerry Arlington
  16. I've got one of the reels and although I've only used it one time it is very nice, buttery smooth, drag feels super solid and it is very pleasing to the eye. I hope to put it through the rigors and I'm sure it can handle them all. Great input Jerry, I'm gonna check the web site again and do some browsing.
  17. I picked up the rucksack with chest pack. Nicely featured product. Chest pack and back pack can each be worn individually or as a combo. Has a pocket for a hydration bladder with routing for the tube. As a bonus Justin threw in the front portion of the vest as well which will also attach to the same rucksack. Gives me many options and looking to try it out this summer.
  18. I ordered their 100ct octopus hooks. They're a great price. I havent' fished them yet, but they seem to be sharp. However, of the 10 or so I pulled out there were 2-3 with damage, like gouges or nicks, etc. For that price, I'd be willing to lose a few to the manufacturing process. I just hope the non-damaged ones hold up OK.
  19. Esgarbanzo, Send me a PM with your addres. No need to buy something you cant use. Let me replace those hooks for you. Let me know how many. 3% of production are parts that should be replaced.

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