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  1. Hey Allen Fly Fishing- when are you going to start selling an anti-reverse reel? What will it cost when it is available?

  2. Hello, Just opend my email aswell. It will be ready in Late March early April. I have the 3d prints done, but doing some changes on it. I have a price target of $125 - $150. It depends on a few things. I might be 10% to 20% higher. Right now I'm trying to finalize my Centerpin reel. The anti reverse will have 3 options. One made by who is making my XL reel, the secound will be made in the States in South Bend, IN, and the third will be made in Canada and out of titanium. Ofcourse that will be more expensive and only done by special order. I want to give everyone 3 price points on what they feel that they want to spend.
  3. Justin, Do you have any more pics of your reels then what's on the website?
  4. Sure, i can send you more photos. PM me with your email address.

  5. For those who have the Alpha reel, how strong is the drag on that thing? I'm contemplating trying out the 12/14 for tuna (as part of my backup/topwater setup).

    Also, I've been tying up a bunch of stonefly nymphs on some of his hooks and they have worked out great so far. Just ordered a bunch of octopus hooks as well.

    anyone try out the lines yet?
  6. I sure like the looks of that XL 5/6 . As soon as I save some more bennies, I'm going to order one and an extra spool. It should look good on my TFO 5 wt.
  7. awesome looking gear! any idea when the 3wt rods and reels are going to be out?
  8. Hi Zack, I'll be ready in March with my 3wt rod. Going to do a combo special on some gear. I'll send out details later. PM me if you would like to know.
  9. Justin, let me know when you get the centre pin reel and a rod combo set-up. i'd be interested.
  10. On Monday the new Allen Alpha 5/6 reel(s) got here. I ordered a reel at a sale price of $60 shipped and spare spool for $105 shipped. He sent two reels instead. I emailed him and asked him how to return the 2nd reel body and he told me to keep it because he had run out of spares stock.

    Wow! What an awesome reel. The drag on the Ross Cimarron is primitive and clunky compared to the Cabelas RLS I have on my 3 weight. 1st impressions of the Allen are nice fit/finish, and an even silkier smoother drag than the RLS, capable of very fine adjustments (unlike my Ross) and no noticeable startup inertia to overcome. Easily as nice/nicer as the RLS; Cabelas’ highest rated branded reel, and itself a great bargain.

    I need to burn some PTO so I’m taking this coming week off. Headed off to spend our Valentines anniversary weekend in a ocean front cottage B&B. I’ll bring my rod and see if I can find any Sea Runs in the bay. But I’m going to spend a day, possibly two on the water closer to home earlier in the week and get a better idea how I like the Allen Alpha.

    *1 year later... Time tells, Ya gets what ya pays for.
  11. Hi Everyone, Have a few questions that I would like to get some feedback on. I'm done with the design of my Anti Reverse reel. Its going to be in a 7/8 and 9/10 wts to start with. I know that the current ones on the market go for an arm and a leg. However, I've taken about 12 reels apart to look at them over the last 6 months. They are worth the money. However, my reel is just the same quality. The question that I have is.. Most use Right and Left handed reels? Also, what price range would you consider buying a anti reverse reel?
  12. I really like anti-reverse reels for bones/permit. I'd be willing to pay $350 for one which is about what you can get a used Billy Pate for. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but I think there are more people that use left hand retrieve than right hand.

    If you have a 7/8 available, I'd be happy to test it out next week for you.
  13. Hey, Ed Call let me use one of your reels this last week. I would say this is a qaulity, good looking reel and I had no issues with it, aside from the left handedness. Great product man.
  14. Used to have a Billy Pate Bonefish anti-reverse; loved the reel, HATED the anti-reverse.
  15. Why didn't you like the AR?
  16. Given the choice I choose left hand wind, it's the way I learned and it's more comfortable.

    A couple weeks ago I got to try out one of the XL 7/8's with one of the Allen Co. floaters on a Grizzly nymph rig. I found the reel to be quality and the line cast pretty well even with all the clunky junk it takes to run an indicator. For the price Kudos.
  17. If it was Ed's it was right hand. He's just got to be different.
  18. Just received two lines from them, they were slow arriving so when I sent a email inquiry they answered almost immediately, and this was at 10 pm, seems there was a delay with one of the lines but were shipping the next day. Not a big deal and quick response. Great personal customer service. And the lines are pretty nice, very supple and slick. I'll be back.
  19. Working with Justin on a fix for both of my Alphas. He has been very responsive.
  20. Allen and Co. ( Fly fishing company) - New Coming Soon!!!

    Some have been asking for Rod Blanks. In May, I will have my first series of Rods and Blanks in 2pc and 4pc sections from a 3wt to a 10wt. They are being tested now for strenght and all that good stuff. All results will be posted on my site either in print form or a youtube video.

    Also, every blank will come with a Rod Tube and sock. So thers in no need to add any extra expense to your project.

    If interested, please PM me and we can talk more.

    I'll post more once I know the cost. This will also include Spey Rods.



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