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  1. For those asking about Allen & Co., I had read this thread and had sent some e-mails back and forth to Justin asking about the rucksack with vest and flylines. Justin said if I ordered the vest, he would add a fly line to try out for free. So I went to the website, ordered the vest and an 5/6 XL reel as well. Justin responded that the reel was out of stock but he would substitute a better quality reel and told me it would be shipped in a couple days. Over a week went by and I sent Justin an e-mail to check if it was shipped. It wasn't. I come to find out the vest wasn't in stock either. Justin told me it would be shipped out again in a couple days and he would add another 7/8 reel in for the delay. I told him that was ok but keep me posted. Over another week passed, still no shipment. I then inquired if the shipment was made. It wasn't. I left Sunday for a business trip and a week of flyfishing on San Juan River in NM and my wife told me that package finally arrived today which was close to a month after order. There was no demo fly line inside but my wife said there was a vest and reel.

    I understand Allen is a startup company with some great prices. I would recommend that you check with Justin to make sure something is in stock before placing an order. Since Allen uses Paypal as payment, you only have 45 days from order to file a complaint, or you might be out of luck.

    When I get home, I will leave a post as to what I find in the box as well as the quality...

    - Rob
  2. Just wanted to add my own experience. I bought a 7/8 Alpha and it shipped within a week. I'm incredibly impressed with the quality of the reel.
  3. Rob,

    I'll be the first to admit that the transaction did not go aswell as it should have. I ran out of stock before I picked your order that day. I knew that I had some coming in in a few days. What I did not know is that DHL was delaying there flights. I come from a manufacturing background and if I told my customers that there might be a problem before I knew that a problem might not accure. It shows weakness in my ability. However, when the problem does accure then you hit it head on. Thats when I started to contact you.

    I'm not out to screw anyone over. I pay for advertising on this site and I feel that I am honest with those that want to use my products. I did feel that I was in contact with you often to keep you informed. However, I understand everyone has there own way of how they want to be treated when something does not go right.

    I give out my phone number to anyone that wants to talk to me. I for the most part reply to emails right away. There are a few others that I have been in contact with because of a backorder due to some shipping issue out of my reach by DHL. I also, have paid extra (the expense is not the issue, I would rather break even on an order in hopes for future business with that person) to get some reels made ahead of time so I can replace a quality issue on two reels.

    Both negitive and positive feedback is good. I take both and it will help me grow. I do want to address one issue in your post. Yes, I did say I was going to send the 6wt line for you. Maybe I read one of your emails to me wrong ( i'll re-read the email and if its my fault, I'll take blame. I have no problem doing that). I dont have the email in front of me, but I remember you saying that you don't need the 6wt line. So I took that as ... ok, I wont send it. Like I said, if i read it wrong. I'll take blame.

    Everyone on this board has been great and I enjoy coming on here and talking with some of you guys. Yes, growing is hard, but fun at the same time. My inventory is growing and it will make my life easier ha.

    Rob, again. I understand and i'm aware that you are posting on a few threads to make people aware of this. I'm fine with that. I respect your option and wish you the best.


  4. be prepared to wait a long long time to get your reel and you may have to send an email or two asking for a refund if they can't send your reel soon. This happened to both myself and a friend that ordered reels. My friend ordered his in May and didn't receive it until August after several emails. I ordered in April and didn't rrecieve until June after the same process. Reels are very very nice, light, feel strong, smooth drag, etc. but are a very long time coming. Unless it gets fixed I see this as definitely holding back the growth of the company. I really like my reel but don't know if i'd put myself through the order and wait process again. I know a small company may not be as quick as cabelas or bass pro but 2-3 months is excessive. Hope others have not had this experience b/c the reels are top notch.
  5. I tried to get the "red" 5wt back in April for a friends B-day in May. After a few emails that promised 2 weeks, then another 10 days, and then another ten days, and then no word at all, I gave up in August. Hate to see this happen.
  6. I recently ordered a line and needed it pronto. I let them know that on the order and I received a priority mail package 2 days later. My transaction with them was fantastic.
  7. I tried to get the outfit I won over Veterans Day of last year as a give away and finally gave up after about 7 months of excuses and delays. Kind of like Mark's story, emails explaining about the delay, then me having to follow up every few weeks to learn of another delay and so on... I understand the rod/reel/line were a part of a give away, but 7 months of incremental delays/excuses and no end to the madness in sight, I have decided Allen Fly Fishing Company to not be worth my time, since I don't get the sense that I'm worth their's...
  8. I've had no problems with Allen. I know they are a small start up company and don't have a lot of inventory. So I wouldn't order something that I needed this weekend, but the products I've seen and used are a good value for those who are not in a rush.

  9. Allen has done fine by me, though all I have ordered are some lines and hooks. Showed up promptly enough. They've been responsive on the customer service front when I've had questions as well.
  10. I've also had zero issues with my order from Allen. Some people are always hard to please no matter what type of service they receive. Not that I am saying that is any of the people above, just saying. :)

  11. I consider my interactions over the course of 7 months to be very respectful, patient and tolerant of Allen being a start up company. I have no personal issue with Justin or any others that work for Allen currently, however, as a former customer of their's, my experience was below my standards of what average customer service is IMO... As a consumer, I am pretty laid back when it comes to recovering from a customer service issue, but even I have a tipping point and the recovery on their part, just simply didn't exist. If I learn that to be different in the future, I may reconsider bringing my business back...
  12. Hi Guys,

    I noticed the post this morning. However, i'm on a mini trip with my wife on our 1st year anniversity. Found some time to get away and find some wiifi.

    Lenio8403, I admit we were alittle late because I did not feel right putting the product for sale yet. The frame proved to be to thin after final testing and we had alot of hype building around the release of the Alpha 2 reel. I was not about to have the product backfire just to put something out. A few people did email me and I was more than happy to send them a refund because they needed the reel for a trip that was coming up fast or we loaned several prototypes for there trips. I even sent them a reel after the fact for free.

    I could have sent you the Alpha 2 reel that we scrapped so you would have had the reel ontime, but the topic of your post would have been about quality. I'll take a blow on leadtime for a new release over quality anytime.

    Mark Walker - Yes, you did try to purchase a red reel, but we sold out when we released the limited run through our newsletter. (Guess, red was a good color to come out with) The next run of Red, Green, and Blue reels were not done until late June as discussed and we listed them on the site around Mid July and announced it through our newsletter. These reels are also in stock. Mark, if you still want a reel. Send me an email at and I'll have Gavin send you one for free. Email is best since I'm on my anniversity I can forward it to him and explain the history.

    Steffan - Evan just updated our website last Friday letting people know we have rods in stock. So, now I can finaly honor that offer. I know they are well over due. Even after several uphappy emails. I still intend to complete your combo.

    This offer was made before my nightmare started with the First Nano rod project. The upfront cost was to much to atemp another run at the Nano project at that time. So I desided to start it later in the year. It proved to be well worth the wait.

    I have learned not to be pre-orders anymore since lead times can change from time to time and it does make me look bad when I give a date and it does not get ment. I understand the anger on that issue. I would be the same way.

    Since July I have invested in product to stock at our new warehouse in Dallas, TX. This has been well known in our weekly newsletter. This was the main goal from Day 1 and it has finaly came full circle with orders shipping on time. I knew what my faults were and I worked towards fixing them as fast as possible. Working for yourself as a one man show. The hardest thing is to admit you need help on areas your not the best at.

    Also, on another note. We have submitted our Xa rods in the gear program.

    Now back trying to find my wife ......

    Thank you,

  13. I've had over-the-top service with this company. In fact, I ordered a reel and a spool and received two reels. I also ordered a few fly boxes and received and extra box. My new spey reel is pretty sweet!
  14. Wait...did you just call me a liar? Veterans Day 2010 was on November 11th... You sent me the following PM at 10:15am on November 11th, in response to my PM about wanting to take advantage of your generous offer.

    I sent you my mailing address and didn't hear from you again until I followed up with you again in late December.

    On December 23rd you stated the following...
    Looks like to me, you just simply didn't know how to keep track of your commitments effectively.

    I didn't respond to this thread to pick a fight with you, nor did I expect to engage you into a discussion about what is between you (seller) and me (consumer) about our business previously. That can be done in a non-public medium. However, I will not sit here and have you call me a liar. That is an attack on my credibility and I will not stand for it.
  15. Dude, we got it, you had a bad experience. At this point......
  16. You're right Buck... I'll reel it in. Sorry for the rant.
  17. I don't think he called you a liar. He was meaning that the gear was promised to your friend, not to you.

    We have done a lot in regards to these things in the past months. We now have a full stock of all the items we have listed on the site, if they're not stocked, we let people know. We now have a dedicated warehouse and warehouse operator who does nothing but ship orders for us. These two things have sped shipping up exponentially, often shipping same day. And lastly, we were often doing "preorders" because of customer request. We gave the best estimate we could on arrival, but we were never certain due to how the process works, and we tried to say that we "expect" items by a certain time, but inevitably, things would get moved back. We no longer are going to take pre-orders because of this. We've learned that even though customers wanted them to insure they got the first items, it's just not worth it. We don't claim to be perfect, but we try our hardest to make sure things go smoothly, our jobs depend on it.
  18. Thank you for your reply Evan. I appreciate you trying to explain what he meant, but the truth of the matter is that I was coordinating everything with Justin because I was going to give it to my friend for his birthday, not because my friend was one of the first 5 and beat me to the punch. Thank you for taking situations like mine into consideration while moving forward with the company. I'm happy you guys are learning ways to make your company better...
  19. Wow, not as good as speypages but oh well...

    So you work for this guy Evan?


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