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  1. I know that several here on this site have bought a reel or two. What I'm asking is how do you like them. I'm thinking of buying the XL 5/6 reel. But the way I feel about buying something unseen is not to. I'm coming to Washington in May. It's not a fishing trip. Going to get the rest of my Granddaughters junk. So it will be a down and dirty trip.

    But I will be spending so time at AATF bull shitting with the owner on the 5th of the month(I hope he's around.) So if anybody's in the area please stop by.
  2. hello, Send me a PM. I'll send you a reel to take alook at in good faith.


    Justin "Allen"
  3. I just got an alpha series in the mail. You can't beat it for the price. The action is silky smooth, the drag adjustment is very precise, and the machined quality is excellent.

    This really cemented my belief that fly fishing equipment is so expensive because most of us are such suckers. Anything more expensive than an allen reel is now a rip off in my book. That's coming from someone dumb enough to pay a LOT LOT more in the past.

  4. PM sent.
  5. I purchased a few XL reels for a buddy of mine, and have an Alpha for my backup 8wt reel. I'm very impressed with them for the money, especially the Alpha.
  6. Now how's that for customer service?

    That pretty much seals the deal for me. Soon as I have the money I'm gonna get one of those AFFC packs I've been eyeing. Seems like I can't go wrong.

  7. Now that's a hella deal Jim..let us know how it works out.

  8. no joke you can not go wrong with that service
  9. Dude. I think this reply just sold me one of your reels.
  10. I now have three of Justin's reels and have started to put them to use. So far everything about them is very nice. If anyone local to me want to check them out I'll gladly show them off.
  11. This was a post I left on another Allen thread... I'm glad that everyone else had such a good experience with Justin from Allen. For the post above, Justin said he would send me a WF6W to try out and never did. I certainly don't feel like I was treated right and my original post is below...

    For those asking about Allen & Co., I had read this thread and had sent some e-mails back and forth to Justin asking about the rucksack with vest and flylines. Justin said if I ordered the vest, he would add a fly line to try out for free. So I went to the website, ordered the vest and an 5/6 XL reel as well. Justin responded that the reel was out of stock but he would substitute a better quality reel and told me it would be shipped in a couple days. Over a week went by and I sent Justin an e-mail to check if it was shipped. It wasn't. I come to find out the vest wasn't in stock either. Justin told me it would be shipped out again in a couple days and he would add another 7/8 reel in for the delay. I told him that was ok but keep me posted on the status. Over another week passed, still no shipment. I then inquired if the shipment was made. It wasn't. I left Sunday for a business trip and a week of flyfishing on San Juan River in NM and my wife told me that package finally arrived today which was close to a month after order. There was no demo fly line inside but my wife said there was a vest and reel.

    I understand Allen is a startup company with some great prices. I would recommend that you check with Justin to make sure something is in stock before placing an order. Since Allen uses Paypal as payment, you only have 45 days from order to file a complaint, or you might be out of luck.

    When I get home, I will leave a post as to what I find in the box as well as the quality...

    - Rob
  12. Rob,

    I'll be the first to admit that the transaction did not go aswell as it should have. I ran out of stock before I picked your order that day. I knew that I had some coming in in a few days. What I did not know is that DHL was delaying there flights. I come from a manufacturing background and if I told my customers that there might be a problem before I knew that a problem might not accure. It shows weakness in my ability. However, when the problem does accure then you hit it head on. Thats when I started to contact you.

    I'm not out to screw anyone over. I pay for advertising on this site and I feel that I am honest with those that want to use my products. I did feel that I was in contact with you often to keep you informed. However, I understand everyone has there own way of how they want to be treated when something does not go right.

    I give out my phone number to anyone that wants to talk to me. I for the most part reply to emails right away. There are a few others that I have been in contact with because of a backorder due to some shipping issue out of my reach by DHL. I also, have paid extra (the expense is not the issue, I would rather break even on an order in hopes for future business with that person) to get some reels made ahead of time so I can replace a quality issue on two reels.

    Both negitive and positive feedback is good. I take both and it will help me grow. I do want to address one issue in your post. Yes, I did say I was going to send the 6wt line for you. Maybe I read one of your emails to me wrong ( i'll re-read the email and if its my fault, I'll take blame. I have no problem doing that). I dont have the email in front of me, but I remember you saying that you don't need the 6wt line. So I took that as ... ok, I wont send it. Like I said, if i read it wrong. I'll take blame.

    Everyone on this board has been great and I enjoy coming on here and talking with some of you guys. Yes, growing is hard, but fun at the same time. My inventory is growing and it will make my life easier ha.

    Rob, again. I understand and i'm aware that you are posting on a few threads to make people aware of this. I'm fine with that. I respect your option and wish you the best.


  13. The portion of your posting noted above is the most valuable part of your post . . .

    I can understand out of stock; could have easily happened in between that time you thought about ordering and actually ordered. I think Justin should be commended highly for upgrading your ordered reel; he didn't have to. And then complaining about not getting your free, er, ' to try out' fly line; not a lot of sympathy here.

    Again, though, your comment about ensuring products are in stock when ordering and purchasing is good consumer advice, and applies whether one orders from Justin, Cabela's, Nordstrom, Amazon, whomever.

    I have purchased items from Justin, and my experiences have been absolutely stellar. Great quality products, incredible prices, and super fast shipping. Not a hitch.
  14. I'm with Denny. Maybe your experience was not perfect, but it seems that a guy starting a company that has been offering our membership even better than listed deals has tried to keep his customers happy. So far most have been very happy and eagerly shared that, myself included. I hope when all is said and done you are as happy as I am with my Allen gear. I also think it takes a real stand up guy to take the open criticism and roll with it as a method of improving his product, service and business so that his customers have a better experience.
  15. To Denny & Mumbles, it was this website that Justin referred me to when I inquired about his products. The great posts about the service is what sold me. I also told Justin that I would leave a post as well on this website (as well as other flyfishing websites), just didn't expect it to be negative. But if the vendor is referring customers to this website for the positive feedback, then new customers should be aware of negative feedback and they can see all the feedback and make a chocie on their own.

    And I told Justin that I understand he is a startup company with great prices. The issue I had was he had told me twice that shipment was going to be made in 2 days and each time I did not hear from him or see a shipment after 9 days first time and 7 days the second time. Each time I inquired with a follow-up e-mail only to find out shipment was not made. And I was never aware both items were out of stock until almost 4 weeks after order. The last thing I said was just be honest with customers on order status. Most people (including me0 would understand. But I felt jerked around expecting order to arrive twice only to find out it was never shipped. And I never heard anything back until I checked...

    Justin, in reply to your post. I said I didn't want the extra 7/8 reel. 95% of my fishing is done with a 5 or 6 weight unless I am salmon fishing in Alaska. I did want the fly line to try out. However, in my last e-mail to you said I would start to file a Paypal complaint since I had lost trust. I had also said in that e-mail that I didn't want any extra free fly line, just my vest & reel. You had responded that shipment was already made that day. So I never said in an e-mail that I didn't want to try out the fly line...
  16. Rob,

    I think is has been discussed enough. It's time to put it to bed. You have made your point and I appreciate that. No need to do a review once you see the products. The negitive sociological interpretation you express about me will not make the product reviews valid.

    I truly thought I keep you informed. When I told you a ship date is it because that is what I was told. Again, I thank you for your posts and your honesty.

    Enjoy the rest of your week on business/fishing

    Best regards,

  17. I have an Alpha reel and a couple of fly boxes from Justin. I received exceptional service and both the reel and the boxes are fantastic. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to do business with Justin again.
  18. Your timelines in this story are not consistent with the timelines recited in your earlier post. and you say now that you didn't want the free fly line, but in your earlier post you grouse about not getting your free fly line. And, to top it off, you're filing a complaint with PayPal? Come on. Did you get your order? Yes. Did Justin try to make it right? Yes. To your credit, you didn't accept something that isn't going to be of use to you. However, I'm guessing you're just one of those difficult customers that is, well, a challenge. Justin is probably better off without you as a customer.
  19. Justin's gone above and beyond for me, and others I know that have ordered through him
  20. Denny, with all due respect, maybe I misread PA's posts but if his stated timelines were "over a week" and "7 days", is that like "9 days and "7 days"? Also I can understand if PA said "I don't need a FREE line", it doesn't necessarily mean, and can be easily mis-interpreted as "I don't want the line" (to test and pay for it if I like it).

    After purchasing the Allen pack vest I did the review on in the first "Allen" thread, I purchased two Alphas in mid February. Both out of the box have 3/8" freeplay rotation outbound before the drag engages. I first contacted Justin and sent one unused reel back March 1st for diagnosis and repair. I received it back March 10th and it seemed great until I removed the spool and reinstalled it. Then it exhibited the same issue. Justin sent two replacement bearings, that I received on March 20th that did not resolve the issue on either reel; it must be the spools. I hope they are not exhibiting wear; one with zero use and the other after 1 outing, by just removing the spools. I am encouraged by both the members here who have Alphas, reporting they're a great product, and Justin saying that my two reels were an anomoly. I still feel that I got a great deal on two reels. On the other hand I am left wondering "Good grief, why me?". I have been working with Justin since to get full replacements, and there have been delays in shipping despite his paying for express delivery. We have spoken about maintaining good communication as a critical component of Customer Service, and Justin has been responsive to me.

    On the subject of delays I have postponed a holiday for one month due to delays with orders of my Water Master and a line I ordered from H&H (now received), in addition to the Alphas' issue, so I can relate PA. During this time I shipped a Cimarron 2 and two spools I bought used off to Ross because of a problem with one spool. They refurbished the reel and all 3 spools for free and I had them back in 10 days. I also experience professionally where the "global economy" that provides low pricing also brings supply channel issues.
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