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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Old Man, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. Brian, I sent you an email. Also, the reels came in today and are being shipped to you
  2. I'll add my approval of the Alpha reel. The drag system is great and very smooth. The adjustment is much better than my Cimarron. I would love to see a salt water/sealed reel added to the line-up.
  3. Hi Fly Boy, Coming soon ... Should be ready in June.. Thanks
  4. Right on! I'll be ordering a 7/8 when they come in.
  5. :thumb: Cool! Thanks for all your efforts.

    I completely agree and have mentioned that the Alphas' drags are exceptionally smooth with very fine adjustment compared to my Cimarron earlier. I am really looking forward to getting them.
  6. To Denny, I have been asked not to respond in this thread any more. So I will not respond to you. I gave an honest customer feedback and I have the e-mail trail to back in up. And no, I am a very understanding customer. But I'm glad to hear that you're such a big fan and your experiences have been positive withe the company...
  7. I think this guy is a troll from another company. If you look at his posts - they're ALL about the reels. Time to close this one down.
  8. Last month, after reading Brian's review of the Pack/Vest, I purchased one for myself. Delivery took about 10 days. The communication between Justin and I was limited, only because there wasn't much to talk about. I was a bit worried about the fit, being both big and tall, but the pack and vest fit fine, together or separate. Nope, I didn't get a free fly line, nor a reel to demo; just a great product for a great price. Thanks Justin. Sorry to hear about other folk's troubles, but I'll be back.

  9. Is that 'freeplay' you're talking about in the Alpha reel Justin gave you in lieu of an additonal spool? If I am interpreting your use of 'freeplay' correctly, it's not unusual at all for certain reels to have 'freeplay' before there is any drag engagement. I have several Abel reels, and all exhibit that characteristic. No drag engagement for probably almost one revolution of the drag knob, then the drag ramps up pretty quickly. I have a Tibor Gulfstream; same thing respective to drag engagement. Ditto with my Redington Breakwater, Rise, and CD reels. Same with my Sage D series reels. Same with . . .

    Depending on the drag system, most disc drag reels have some 'freeplay' before drag engagement. Ramp up on the drag is a big difference between the manufacturers and their reels. Some designers believe the drag should go from zero to max in less than complete turn of the knob; some designers believe in more fine tuning of a drag, and may have two revolutions to go from zero to max drag. For example, Abel reels ramp up quickly, Tibor less so. Both drags areextremely similar, but their designers approached drag ramp up and adjustment differently. My Battenkill large arbor reels have been adjusted so the ramp up starts after a little more turn of the drag knob instead of immediately as it came from the factory.

    I'll bet your Alpha reels are probably just fine and the 'freeplay' is probably part of the drag system, and you may just not be used to any 'freeplay' in the drag engagement.

    Just putting some things in perspective.
  10. I don't understand some of the comments here. This company is just starting up and he probably does service to many other places. There are bound to be snags, so why pick on the guy. I'm waiting on a few Demo reels and when they get to me is anybody guess. But While I'm waiting I still have my own reels and they still work. Me, I just want to upgrade my reels as they are getting older and I want to try something new. I don't think you can beat the price anyplace else. SO give the guy a break. Some of you still get shitty service from some of the know Companies of the fly fishing Industries.

  11. I've made two orders from Allen FF and have been very pleased in both cases by communication, service quality, speed of shipping, and the actual product. I can only speak for myself, but I'll be purchasing from him again for sure!
  12. Well, since the threas Title says Allen Fly Reels. I have a question regarding reels.

    Currently all my reels have a silent retrieve. Is there a good amount of you that like to here the clicking sound both ways on your reels? I want to make an option for this if the demand is there.

    Thanks again
  13. Justin-

    I like silent retrieve (or at least quiet).
  14. SCREAMERS both ways!:cool:
  15. I prefer silent or very quiet. I dont like a loud reel in either direction. I hate when I'm stripping out line and everyone on the lake looks over thinking I have a monster pulling me into my backing!
  16. Yeah, I probably just can't describe what the reels are doing very well. The freeplay I refer to is rotation of the *spool; freespooling 3/8" of spool circumference before any drag engagement when paying out line. None of my other reels do that, and the repaired Alpha didn't until I removed the spool and put it back on. Once engaged the drag is smoother than my Cimarron and CLA and is capable of extremely fine adjustments. And yes, as I had mentioned in the earlier thread I had ordered a reel and spare spool and bless his heart, Justin sent me two reels because he didn't have any spare spools in stock. I do not and have not meant any of my comments to be interpreted as a recommendation not to purchase from Allen & Co. Justin and I have been in near constant communication for purchases and resolving the issue with the reels. If anything, I illustrated that he's stuck with me on a rather unique problem and I perceive he's done everything he can to get it resolved quickly. Justin is an off-the-chart, kick-ass innovator and his pricing is unbeatable for the quality of his designs. Global logistics can bring a unique set of challenges that he'll find solutions for.

    Thanks for allowing me to clarify.

    And BTW, I prefer a quiet click retreive, with a slight tactile feedback but I have not had a lot of experience with high quality reels.
  17. Got the new Alpha replacement reels today. Looks like a new rev with different frame and spool venting. Gosh these are nice reels! I removed and reinstalled the spools and though I haven't had a fish peel off the line and 50 yards of backing, they pass the test. These are really nice reels with drag as smooth as butter with ultra fine adjustment. For the price they're simply unbeatable. I'll get the old reels back to Justin on Monday
  18. i have placed an order for 6 dozen fly'es, a 6wt rod and a 6wt alpha reel. i have to say that justin has been very helpful. he has been very quick to answer my many question. he is making sure i get everything by the 23rd so i can take it out on the yakima that weekend.
  19. NOthing but a great Experience with Justin. Ordered a reel to go with new 6 wt and it is sharp!

    One question, it seems in order to really get the drag to bear down and hold fast, I need to crank the knob so tight, it is hard to get loose again, anyone else with this expereince, or can you comment on this Justin?

  20. Thought I would add my feedback. After hearing about how great these reels were, I decided to order a trout series, model 5/7. Ordered last wensday, got here yesterday (monday). Pretty fast delivery. The reel is great. Very pleasing to the eye, and the drag is smooth as silk. Head and shoulders above any reel I have previously owned, for a great price as well. Cant wait to get out and have a trout peel some line off this baby. Thanks Allen and co.
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