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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Old Man, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. Hey Justin,

    you know what I really need? a 1 weight reel that doesn't cost $300! Seriously its just a line holder!
  2. I checked several of my other reel brands and models, and nearly all of the disc drag reels have some takeup (freeplay) before the drag engages. I am quite confident your reel is no different; the drag on your reels is working just fine.
  3. Hi Guys,

    Some of you were asking if I was going to have a reel that can hold a huge huge amount of backing. Well, I listend and came through ha. The first sample will be ready mid next week. Its going to be in a 12/14 wt. The drag is geared towards larger fish.

    Also, I am in the mood again to make some reel by hand on an old South Bend Lathe. I'm going to make a few soon and post them when I'm done.
  4. I've been looking at your products online and you will most likely get my next reel purchase. I don't know how many others feel the same way, but how about some sping and pawl (no disc drag) reels. Especially in a 3wt (why the hell do you need drag on a 3wt?) and I'd love a nice beefy 5wt too. I love that zing and I think they would be popular in your target price range. I also kind of like the noisy retrieve on my smaller reels for some reason...
  5. Thanks for the info. You'll see a new drag from me in about 45 days in a 3/4 and 5/6 wt. Thanks
  6. I'd like to have a buzzer too. Looking forward to something for a 4/5 line.
  7. In what price range? The 3/4 is what I specifically would be interested in.
  8. All you have to do is go to his web page. All the info is there. They are a sponsor here.
  9. Allen and Co also have good deals on rods too. I just got a combo with a trout series 5/7 reel for for 130 bucks. They are both wonderful quality and Justin who runs the business gives you very good personal service.

  10. PICS!!??? I have been waiting to see his fly rods!
  11. I just received his 10' 8wt rod and a 9' 6wt rod, along with his 6 wt alpha reel and his 8wt xl reels. I will have to say that the rods look really nice. They are a fast action rod. The 6wt comes with a extra tip. I will try to get pictures later today but I will tell you that the pictures are from my cell phone. As for his reels. His 6wt alpha is a really nice reel. Same goes for his 8wt XL.
  12. Here are some pictures of his 8wt XL reel.
  13. Here is his 6wt rod.
  14. Looks good...I have a buddy who is just getting into the game looking for a solidly priced 6 wt setup for him. It doesn't look like these are yet to be available for mass sale since it says coming soon! At any rate I look forward to receiving the new reel and line I purchased while looking for the rods!
  15. i will be posting pictures of his 8wt rod tomorrow. if anyone wants to see his rods or reels send me a PM. i am always ready to go fishing.
  16. Well here are the pictures of his 10 foot 7/8wt rod.
  17. I am in no way knocking Allen’s reel, but Allen’s prices are where they are because he is sourcing from south east Asia somewhere and is then selling direct bypassing the retail market. Obviously there is a market for reels in that price range and I have no problem with his business model (as if my opinion even mattered), but I disagree that the more expensive reels are rip-offs. They are produced in the United States and then marked up so a retailer can survive by getting a cut. It not a rip off, but a decision if you want to support U.S. Industry.

    Allen’s equal is Orvis as they do the same thing. Companies like Abel, Bauer, Ross Reels, Tibor are clearly in a different league. It is up to each of us if we want to support a foreign or domestic league. I am tired of US companies losing to overseas companies on the mere fact that someone is exploiting their cheap labor and utilizing government subsidized materials because someone in that market is willing to work for in a day that would barely pay for a meal on a family dinner table in the U.S.
  18. Welcome Countryboy. I fished this weekend with a group that had at least four Allen Fly Fishing reels in the group. The reels flat out work well, regardless of how or where they are made. I'm sure you are not bashing one of the site sponsors here, or two of them as you mention both Allen and Orvis. I think you can understand that everyone should be making their own choices as to what they purchase based on all the facts that are important to each of them. Regardless of what is the country of origin for any product, the products being sold here in the US are, at least in part, supporting the staff who work there for those companies and helps them to make a living. Your entitled to your opinion, but you can't force your opinion down the throat of others. I have many fine reels, some made in the US, some made in Europe and yes, some that might have roots in Asia. You don't have to like my choices, but you should not think that you'll get a warm reception coming here and bashing folks on your first post. Have a nice day fishing the rods and reels you choose to use. Examine all the rest of the products you use in your life, if 100% are US manufactured, distributed and sold then my hat is off to you (that would be my American made hat by the way) if not, re-read your post, broaden its scope and take a look in the mirror. Regards.
  19. Hello,

    I understand your concern. However, what people do not know about me. Is that I come from a family business that employees 75 USA workers in Northen Indiana. Its a Plastic Injection molding company. I gave up my income as well as my WHOLE family to prevent any layoffs in the down turn economy. We took profits to pay employees if needed. In almost 50 years of business we have NEVER laid a single person off. My education, car, income out of college, my first house, and cloths were all paid from an American based manufacturing company. And I'm very proud of that.

    I still maintain accounts at the company while still not getting a dime from it. I do it because my grampa started our company in 1961 and I'll be damned to have it fall apart. We buy raw materials from US and overseas companies aswell as our tooling. Tooling in China or Asia has grown not because we wanted it to, but because we had no choice to use offshore companies. We try to keep as much as we can in the Sates or Canada as possible. But, to feed 75 employees (31 familes) its my responsiblity to them to do what I can for them.

    I took this job on to grow another company and to employee (one day) american workers. I am getting Fly Box Molds made. They will be ran at my families business and will keep our machines running. Also, fly reels are a no brainer to make. I am also having a US based series of fly reels made aswell and will be ran on our CNC machines in house.

    Companies like Orvis have a great track record and have US based workers working for them. As well, as other companies that do the same thing. I think you are pre-mature on juding me and my company with not knowing my background and business plan for the future. I was born and raised in a US family owned manufacturing company. I take that personal and my future business plan will reflect that.

    Best Regards,

  20. I took my Allen Alpha reel up on the North Fork of the CDA on Saturday and caught a couple nice cutts with it. I loved the reel, it feels great, has a relatively quick retrieve when landing a fish and the service was amazing. Not only did Justin send me the reel but he also sent me one of his lines with the reel, which i was not expecting. The line and the reel worked great with my 3wt rod and i enjoyed casting the line and landing the fish! Great job Justin. I look forward to doing business with you again soon!
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