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  1. My name is Adam DeMarco owner of Paine Falls located in Ohio. I currently only make Centerpin reels if and when I can fit it in my schedule. Paine Falls reels sell from $475 USD and top out north of $1,000. Over the next year or two, I hope to release fly reels in the same price point just like most other North American reel manufacturers. So far, my one man operation employs myself and I have at least 10 suppliers within the United States that I have contributed to. I am a small volume manufacturer not a high volume manufacturer. My customers pick me, not the other way around. It works out pretty well.

    Now that everyone is aware of who I am and the motives that do not exist, I will say again, I am not bashing anyone. I clarified my comments and to what regard, yet we keep coming back to something that does not exist. If it was poor clarification on my behalf, I am sorry. I have no animosity towards Allen's or Orvis, they happened to be examples that related to the point I was trying to make. Like I said, how you spend your money is your decision. How a company executes thier business plan is their decision. Because you do not want to pay the cost for a reel produced in North America does not constitute it being a rip off.

    I am certain I will go back to lurking if I am not free to express my opinion or if I am not granted the decency to clarify a point I was trying to make. 1 post or 7,000 it shouldn't matter.
  2. I'll look forward to a notice that Chris has received one of your first fly reels for interested members to demo in his gear program. Did you say north of a thousand bucks for a high end reel? I wish you the best in your transition from centerpin to fly reels but unless the gear program has one of those north of a thousand reels I'm afraid this customer won't be able to find his way to you with a GPS unit, map and compass. I do wish you and your US Based company the best though.

  3. Thanks. If my gear is welcome in the gear review, I will submit a fly reel or two with a one way ticket when I have them ready for public. The only thing I need back is an honest review. Without it, I cannot improve.
  4. Adam, I'm pretty sure that if you send one in for the gear program it will get used (check out the gear program calendar to see how much stuff gets used) and most folks here are fast to share a review or opinion. As you see from this entire thread, great reviews for the Allen reels have been submitted. These reviews were focused on the functionality, astetics and price point of the reels. There have been a lot of similar threads here with folks putting in their two cents on how they think things worked out for them. Ed
  5. Hi Everyone,

    Lets get this thread back to the meaning of why it started. However, I think if someone has an issue with products. They need to be professional about it and start another thread stating that issue so they can rant about it that way. Most people that have posted on this thread have used or have been interested in using my products. This is a good way to contact me.

    Back to the thread....

    Everyone ... Thanks! for all the positive feedback on my products. Theres going to be some new products in the next 30-40 days that I hope everyone will enjoy.

    Thanks everyone,

    Justin "Allen"
  6. you didnt get over causing problems on salmoncrazy???? dude tone it down. lurk away. allen and co takes good care of wff members
  7. Im besides myself.... all this coming from someone who allegedly had his first run of "custom handmade reels" machined by a CNC company and then fraudulently sold as HAND MADE reels so he could buy his equipment to start the company..... tisk tisk....
  8. Amen to that Justin, I'm happy with my Allen reels and fly boxes and will return for more items over the course of time. Great point on keeping this thread on your products and those other companies can have their own threads.
  9. looks like i need to start a thread
  10. Justin,

    Is the website up to date with all of your products? My apologies if this is a redundant question.

  11. Here's another plug for Justin/Allen Co. products: Great products, great service, great prices!! Thanks Justin!!!!!!

  12. Justin,

    got the package!:thumb:

    I didn't expect that!

    Thank you my friend.
  13. No problem Mark. Enjoy the products. Have a good weekend!
  14. No, the website is way behind the products. Justin does all the other stuff we need more than the website though, and seems very responsive. If you have any questions about the products, ask here or PM him and you'll get prompt assistance.
  15. I'd be seriously remiss & and a world-class ingrate if I failed to commend Allen Fly Fishing re: my recent transaction . . . all I'll advise is: great reels (I bought the Alphas), great service, quick delivery, and excellent support.

    Thank you Justin . . . nice surprise & yours is a class act.

  16. Justin, I need to return that reel you sent me. I need the mailing address. The post office put the mailing sticker over the return address so I still have the reel.

    I only have one questions on the reels. Why no markings on the reels about who makes it or your logo on it who lists it.

    By the way, What a smooth reel. I like the way it looks and feels. But the one you sent me is to big for what I want a new reel for.

  17. Hello. Sure I'll PM you when I get back with my address. Im on my phone right now. I never thought having to add my name to the reels. However, with the demand picking up. I'm moving towards that starting in June.


  18. Came home to a package of some very fine Allenflyfishing products. Thank you again Justin! The reel is fantastic and Thank You for the goodies! I will be placing another order soon.

    Thanks again,

  19. Justin,

    Finally got a chance to take the Alpha 5/6 out today. Perfect fit for my switch rod. Had a couple good battles with some pissed off smallies and the reel won! Very smooth drag. Good call on the size,

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