Allen Trout Spey 5120 report

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  1. Hi All,

    Just want to give you guys a quick report on a trout fishing trip to Delaware river. And also I would like to say thank you to Evan to hook me up a great trout spey rod. Allen 5120 - 4. 5 weight 12', 4 piece. My friend Greg is in his 2nd season into trout spey, I think he is doing pretty well on this rod... very forgiving rod indeed!:)

    Last weekend,me and my good friend went fishing at the famous Delaware rive, upstate NY. The march brown is on the full swing, the huge bug #8, #10 were popping around 1-4 PM. During the evening, the sulfure blank the water surface. It was a real amazing experience to see this massive bug hatch. Fishing was not easy, those are really smart and selective trout even the bugs were literally everywhere... Those trout are so selective that it could get very frustration at times.But overall it was a fun trip... please see photos below... Mark



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  2. Looks like a nice river there Yuhina. That reminds me tho, I was looking at the Allen website a couple weeks or so ago, and there was no Spey rod listing. Made me wonder if they'd been discontinued.

  3. Not discontinued, just currently out of stock. We have more on the way hopefully any day.
  4. Sg,

    Not sure why, I can't see the spey rods either... it would be sad if they discontinue this series...
  5. We have them back in now, as well as a new 11' 5wt, and 10'8" 4wt :)
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  6. 4wt?? Go on....

    What grain heads have you thrown with it? Please do tell.
  7. It enjoys a 275 or so on the low end. 300-325 for most applications.
  8. I just ordered the 10' 8" 4wt trouter for my trip to Montucky later this summer. I may have to go give it a try on the Cedar if there is anything left besides litter and tweekers.

    I will report on how it fishes after I take it out.

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