Allen vs. Lamson

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  1. Simple only hardy. So do they repair them in China?
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  2. Just an FYI:

    I've been researching the Allen reels on the web and I've learned they're manufactured in China and that allegedly, sometimes Justin and his company has problems with supply.

    So I tried to order the Allen reel I wanted today but I see it's "currently unavailable" (the Alpha III #3 in blue/red).

    I e-mailed them in order to see what is my best course of action.

    Order now, order later when it's in......?

    I've also sent a PM to WFF'er and Allen employee Evan Burck to see if he can tell me a bit more info.

    Nothing negative here. I'm just really enamored of that blue/red reel and want to get it in my sweaty little hands!! :D
  3. Korea ?
  4. So, within an hour of my sent message I got this reply from the company:

    "Hi Tim,
    I just got word yesterday the #3 blue reels are ready now. We can add one in stock for you to purchase. It might take 10 days or so to ship. I'm out of the country right now. I cc'd Kyle on this email to further help you if needed.
    Thank you"

    Holy crap!!! Is that customer service or what????? :D

    If the reel lives up to the service they give their customers, I'll be absolutely gob-smacked! :Big Thumbs Up:

    I am so looking forward to putting this red and blue beauty on my new 8 wt. BVK!

    Thank you, Allen Fly Fishing!!!! :cool:
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  5. I had an older Allen trout series that the drag decided to go on vacation four days before my annual fishing trip across Montana. I got ahold of Evan to ask about purchasing a new reel quickly, instead he sent me the correct parts to fix mine in two days free of charge and the reel was back in buisness and the day saved.

    Beat that for customer service!!

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  6. No I have had them repaired in canada at their repair shop,and even if they repaired them in china that still beats the so called 7 year lamson lifetime warranty. I guess 7 years is a lifetime for some folks
  7. Sounds like you're in the market for a Hardy.
  8. Nay I've been thru the hardy phase now i'm into shakespeare 1899 ,1900 & southbend 1185's
  9. Try to buy made in U.S. on everything.
    This whole lifetime thing when it comes to fishing gear is silly.
    If we are talking firearms. that's another deal. but then any good firearm can be fixed at a good gunsmith most of the time.
    seems like all that lifetime warranty deal has done to fishing gear is make it more expensive. My 2 cents.
  10. i dont like comparing the two, allen all the way. mike w
  11. How does a 'drag that wouldn't budge' mean it's a good drag...?
  12. Great stuff!

  13. He means, if the drag was cranked all the way down it was solid and didn't budge, basically it's so solid it could take being in lockdown and wouldn't burst. Allowing for fine and bombproof adjustments.
    I own Lamson and Allen and love them both, however, I am smitten with the aesthetics of the Lamsons.
  14. Meaning it didn't blow up under some pretty heavy pressure. It was set too tight for me but then, my buddy handed me the rod while he drove his boat. I rarely set a drag very heavy. If need be, I can always tighten it but I rarely have to do that. I learned it is better to allow a big fish its way to a certain point before you lay the wood to it.
  15. I had some significant problems with the early Allen reels both from a customer service and quality perspective. It looks like both issues have been corrected based on the testimonies above. Good for them.

    I've used a replacement reel for about 6 months without it blowing up or experiencing any issues of the previous Alpha models.
  16. I have an Allen reel that I regard very highly but, respectfully and not meant to offend anyone, if given a choice between the Lamson and the Allen, at this point in their respective company's lifecycle I would hands down take the Lamson.
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  17. I don't own any Allen reels nor do I own any Lamsons. I think any good quality reel will handle the job as long as it is lined properly and balances well with the rod. Most of my stuff is pretty high end (Tibor) but I have numerous Ross reels and a few others. They all function well.

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