Alpacka Raft added to the Gear Program

Discussion in 'WFF Gear Program' started by Chris Scoones, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. Chris Scoones Administrator

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    Thought I'd toss a note out there regarding the new addition to the gear program.

    Alpacka Raft has added it's Denali Llama Raft outfitted with sawyer paddle, spray deck, packtach & extra seat for a higher seating position when needed. I've spent some time with it and it's growing on me quick.

    Just a raft? Yes and no. Yes, it's a traditional raft in that it doesn't support fins for kicking, given it has a floor. It's different in that, beyond being quite durable, it's extremely lightweight and stows like a 2 person back packing tent. For the hilakers guys, this is an excellent craft.

    For those interested in the specs on this raft:

    * Raft Weight: 4 lb. 15 oz
    * Sawyer Packraft Paddle Weight: 29 oz. (5 piece)
    * Raft Capacity: 1 person or 2 if only to ferry extra person / gear over calm water.
    * Roll down size: Ultra lite 2 person packing tent (9" x 24"), plus the 5pc paddle.

    A big thank you to Alpacka Raft LLC for sponsoring this raft in the program. Those of you who benefit from it on occasion may want to throw your own thanks to them as well.

    If you haven't used the gear program before, it's simple. Jump on the WFF Gear Program Calendar and set your reservation for the gear you're interested in. On those date you have it. Pickup / drop off is at my home in North Bend. Normal demo / usage duration is usually 1-5 days. Exceptions are made you need to clear it first. After you schedule the gear, PM me for pickup details.

    My photos are coming, but know that it's the fern olive color, same as the raft used with the spray deck photo below.

  2. Matt Baerwalde ...

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    That thing looks fun. :thumb:
  3. Snake tryin' not to get too comfortable

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    Alpackas kick ass.

    Nice job getting one for the Gear Program, Chris.
  4. Randall Dee Castaway

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    Snake....way to get out there. They sound like great trips. Nice boat. ;)
  5. Chris Scoones Administrator

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    Took the raft up to Rachor Lake, on the side of Mt Si. That lake has very limited bank access and that which it does have you have to work for through a lot of brush. It was very nice to be out on the water rather than fighting with the bank.

    Out of my pack to fully setup, under 5 minutes.

    Very nice raft with a balance between weight and durability.
  6. JesseC Active Member

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    Hold on a second Chris. This gear program sounds too good to be true! Is there an annual fee or anything else required other than just reserving items on the board?

    I just went on a backpacking trip around leavenworth and it was driving me nuts to see all the fish ripples just outisde of my bank casting abilities. This would be awesome to try out!

  7. Chris Scoones Administrator

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    No, no fee, for inclusion or rental or otherwise. The only thing that I've hoped from the guys using the equipment has for the most part been done, which is to cover the expense of major repair from damage or loss on their watch. That keeps the gear in the program for the other guys and shows some respect to the manufacturers who have put up their gear on their nickle for your demo/usage of it.

    Ya, the Alpacka raft would have been the ticket on that trip of yours. Try it out on your next backpacking trip. Just schedule it on the gear calendar and come get it when it's time.

  8. JesseC Active Member

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    this is the most amazing program. I'm completely blown away!

    Thanks for organizing all of this Chris! wow!
  9. CK New Member

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    I borrowed the Alpacka raft last week and it worked great on mountain lakes. It's much, much quicker than a float tube, and a lot lighter in your backpack. One downside is that casting is more difficult than from a float tube. Another is that because it sits so high in the water it moves around a lot in windy conditions. This can be mitigated pretty well by making some temporary anchors with para cord tied to mesh stuff sacks filled with a shore rock or two. Position the raft, tie one anchor to each end of the raft and you're set.

    Thanks, Chris, for managing the gear program.
  10. Dan Soltau New Member

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    These things look amazing. Has anyone has a chance to try out the fjord explorer two man job?
    Yes, the gear program is an awesome thing, thank you Scoones.
  11. swanics New Member

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    Awesome gear program, plan on trying this out near Lake Powell in Utah and will definitely have to post a TR when it's all said and done!