Alumaweld Drift Boat Oar Lock Mount Options

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Evan Burck, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. Been working on making some functional improvements to the drift boat I adopted from my cousin. It badly needed a new seat, so I installed a lawn tractor seat on a homemade mount. Now, with the slight change in seating position, the oars need to be moved a few inches forward, and up a few inches. The current mounts won't really work for that... So I'm wondering what options might be available to me out there to fix the positions.

    I attached a photo to show what I'm working with WP_20130323_002.jpg

    With the way the current mounts are, I'd need to drill holes through the side of the boat in order to remount them. Trying to avoid that if at all possible. Also doesn't help my needing to raise them an inch or two.
  2. You should be able to pull those mounts, redrill the mount itself so it sits higher, and then mount it forward a bit. Or, go to a machine shop and have one made out of block aluminum that will fit in same area (minimal drilling, but gives you more options for mounts of the oars. Do you understand what I'm explaining? I have a set of oartowers that were made for my old Eastside that were made out of barstock aluminum. Made a tad higher and fit the existing holes where the old wooden oar towers sat. This way you could have some that had extra holes for your oars, and would mount in same spot.
  3. Sound advice Jerry. You could also add a few more positions buy getting a new block that is a little longer and drilling a few more holes in it for the oar lock. It would fit in the same place as the ones now but go from gusset to gusset in the rail. I can send a pic of mine when it gets light out.
  4. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1364494356.701839.jpg
    Here is the pic of the block on my alumaweld. Also you may want to use delrin ( not sure on spelling) instead of uhmw. It is harder and will wear better.
  5. Thanks, you actually showed what I was trying to explain.
  6. where would I find such a thing as you have there?

    I actually have a buddy who may be able to machine one out of barstock aluminum for me. So that's looking like a likely option as well.
  7. I would contact tap plastics or some other kind of place like that. Back when I had my eastside I made one and got it from there. It is very nice to work with. Regular carpentry tool cut it real nice. I think someone posted something about getting it somewhere else on one of the other threads in this section.

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