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  1. Anyone know a local (Seattle area) craftsman that could build or modify a lightweight aluminum pram?

  2. There is a guy with a tiny fly shop up between Oliver and Penticton, BC. He has aluminum prams in the shop that his brother builds. They seem like decent boats. I know it is not anywhere near Seattle but if you were heading up to fish that area, it might be worth stopping by. I think I have a picture somewhere if interested. They were substantially less than say a Koffler and didn't have near the finish but again, seemed like a decent, no bells/whistles aluminum 8 foot pram.
  3. David,
    If you have a pic I'd like to see it.

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  5. Thanks!
  6. Hockey skates on the shelves. How appropriate for the location.:D
  7. Yeah, I forgot to mention, the fly shop doubles as a hockey shop too.:)
  8. SF, When you ask about modifying one, what did you have in mind?
  9. Here is a boat we modified image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
    For the record this is. Not a salmon boat
  10. In Canada that goes without saying.
  11. nomlasder,
    I've been looking at buying a lightweight 8-10' aluminum prams. The prams I've been looking at have a wide bottom in the 44" wide range.
    I really like the idea of the wider bottom after having fished in some boats with 32" wide bottoms. I'm not a small guy so the added width is a very desirable feature.
    As far as modification goes, many of these prams have two seats. I attached a pic from another website of the type of boat I'm interested in.
    If the boat I buy has two seats, I'd like to remove the back seat to have more fishing space. It seem the the back seat adds some rigidity to the boats, so I'm thinking the stern might need to be modified to make it more rigid so the boat doesn't flex when standing. I would need someone to help me that has knowledge working with aluminum.

    I'd also consider having someone build me a boat if I could keep the weight down and the price was within reason.
    Unfortunately all the prams that I've found that meet my criteria have been located in California, so driving there to pick up a $500.00 pram really isn't in the cards. They aren't easy to find either.
    I'm just kicking around some ideas and I'm always open to suggestions and input from others.
    If someone reads this and has a boat for sale that meets what I'm looking for, please drop me a message.

  12. This transom was stiffened with aluminum "T" bar stainless bolts and 5200
    I wouldn't suggest welding on thin material
    You obviously wouldn't want the fore and aft gusset
    You just need a saw and drill motor for this type of repair
    Make sure you use nylocks or lock washers and bed everything in product image.jpg
  13. Thanks for the link
  14. The problem with the jon boat style of prams such as the Marlon, Spratleys, Lowe, and Valcos are that they require stringers for rigidity. When they are removed you will have a serious loss of torsional strength and gunnel flex when rowed. I like the width of the Marlons but the freeboard appears very minimal, maybe because there is a kicker on the boat, indicates 15" which is about the industry standard, not sure what your intended location of use is going to be but I would never take that into the sound but might be ok for stillwaters as long as its not too windy with whitecaps. It's tough to find something of decent size, as you will need at least a 10' boat to be comfortable to fish from all day that is lightweight and rigid with open floor plan. You could potentially find a well designed 8' boat but from my searching for the past years they are few and far between. Be careful when removing rivets and or trying to reweld onto thin walled aluminum. It takes the very best welder who know how to TIG with the correct amount of heat without putting holes in the working surfaces or warping the walls. If you can find a metalhead or almarco that would be ideal but most of them live in CA. a couple of pram builders in southern OR no longer make them such as Rogue and another builder out of Medford, which I cant recall. I wish I had a lead for you but keep searching is all I can suggest, maybe a used Almarco will come up. Good luck with your search!
  15. Paul,
    Thanks for the info. I'm in no rush, so I'll keep searching.
    Did you happen to notice Bill Kiene mentioned on his board a guy in California was looking into trying to duplicate the Valco prams?
    The economy went south and he never moved forward with building any boats. It's good that someone was at least thinking about producing such boats.
    If the pricing was reasonable, t seems like their would be a decent market for those kinds of boats. The used prams sure get snapped up fast when they get posted for sale.
  16. I think I saw that, but I doubt they could keep up with builders like Lowe and the G3 boats. When I asked Redwood welding if he would consider building 20 more prams, I would buy all the material and pay him for his labor he said no. He would never build another... Sad because they are works of art that are suitable for fly fishing.
  17. Pavati is making a new pram. It sure looks odd, don't know about fit and function but you can bet it is well built and probably comes with a hefty price.

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