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  1. Hey everyone. I'm new to the forum, so I'll introduce myself. I'm a newbie to fishing, only been at for about a year. I moved out to Seattle a couple of years ago from New York City and once I got a rod in my hands, I've been kind of obsessed. Most of my time fishing has been lost on strange gravel roads, hung up in trees and listening to old codgers telling me everything I am doing wrong. I love it.

    Anyway, I'm going camping on the American River this weekend. I was wondering if anyone had any experience down there? Thanks guys.
  2. Beautiful place to camp. Wander down to the Little Naches and give it a shot. The American isn't too shabby either. The Naches (below confluence of American and Little Naches) is awesome too.

    Not sure what regs are currently, but even if there's a take limit, please catch and release. Wild fish... and, man, there are less and less places we can say that these days.
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  3. I haven't had much luck on the American, only caught small brookies. There is much nicer water in the area.

  4. The American is a beautiful, fishy looking little river but my fishing experiences (twice) have been poor. I wouldn't recommend it. And this is NOT an attempt to dissuade you from fishing my secret water.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys. I'm with the lady, so I won't be able to go on search missions to other rivers, unfortunately. Just a few casts off the campsite while she is preoccupied. Better than nothing.

    Jim- Don't worry, I always try to send 'em quickly and safely from whence they came.

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  6. I was over there this past weekend and the American (and Bumping) rivers are still running high after the heat kicked in and some decent rain over the weekend. There is a stretch around Hells Crossing campground that closes during the summer, but not until July 16. Its real pretty over there and makes for some nice pictures, but the upper sections are pretty sterile. Below the confluence of the Bumping and American (which is either still the American or the Bumping, depending on which map you are reading) it gets better, but it is still pretty high right now. Bumping reservoir is full and the flow out is close to double what it was a week ago. However, the Little Naches is looking good, but it will be a zoo with campers and off-roaders.

    Which campground will you be using?
  7. Chris-

    I'm going to be at the Hell's Crossing campground.... Looks like its not ideal.

    I'll gladly settle for beautiful scenery and maybe try to make it up to the confluence or the Little Naches. Thanks.

  8. Be careful, as a big part of the upper American is closed waters year-round. Read the regulations before you fish.

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