An Engraved fly reel

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    I was lucky enough to purchase a new Chris Henson fly reel, a trout reel 3 inches in diameter. Although it is certainly a beauty in and of itself, I thought it might be fun to engrave it.

    Fortunately, I knew a first class engraver, Neil Hunt, of Nisswa, MN. Neil has made several very nice belt buckles for me, some of which I have given as gifts. Examples of his work can be found at Neil is a wonderful artist and quality guy, very nice to work with.

    I sent him the reel and gave him complete freedom to come up with a design. He emailed me photos of his design attached to the reel. I approved it and asked only that he add my initials -- "MBC" -- discretely somewhere on the reel. He complied and today I received the reel. I was frankly overwhelmed by the excellent quality and thought I would like to share the end product with forum members. Neil seemed to enjoy the challenge the reel presented and I suspect he would be open to commissions from other interested anglers. And, I plan to fish this reel, not just display it in a glass case.


    IMG_0506.jpg IMG_0509.jpg IMG_0510.jpg IMG_0511.jpg IMG_0512.jpg
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    Outstanding, just Awesome!
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    That's way cool
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    Truly a work of art!

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    When I read the title I was like "how hard is it to write 'property of Joe Blow' on a reel?" This is taking it to a whole new level. Have the mods move this to the main forum so everyone will see it.
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    That is stunning. Good onya for fishing it. Wall hangers are lame.