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  1. I am trying to organize my 10' pontoon for more efficient fishing ( less time untangling things). I have some Scotty Rod Holders installed and they work well. I have a Scotty anchor line lock installed and it works great. Now I am looking for ideas on what to do with the anchor line. I don't like keeping it in one of the pontoon storage bags because it is a hassle stuffing it in an out every time I pull up to move spots.

    I have a full width Aluminum rear deck that seems the obvious place for the rope to be stowed but no ideas on how to use it .

    Anyone have an inexpensive anchor line management solution they want to share?
  2. I have a mesh cargo net "bag" from my old SUV. It is stretch cord on top, so it stays closed well. It is stretched from the anchor lock bar to my seat bar. This is on My 14' cataraft. On my smaller boats I used to use a small dry bag hanging on the side rail.
  3. I rarely use a net to land a fish. If I need it on a fish I can just dump the line out. Multitasking gear is good.:)
  4. I use one of these: Link
    I keep it in one of the pockets of the saddle bag.
  5. I use a mesh clam bag just in front of my seat. It has a loop of PVC tubing at the top to hold it open and a loop to clip it to a D ring. Stuffing pull by pull directly into the bag almost always ensures no tangles letting the rope out. I also have different lengths of rope and use as short a rope as possible for the depth of the water I plan to anchor in.
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  6. You know those old retracting clothesline reels? I use one for the 50' anchor line on my kayak. Spins out line when I drop anchor, and spools it back as I pull the anchor back up.

    To make it, just pull the plastic clothesline out as far as it will go, tie your anchor line onto it, snip off the clothesline and let it spool on the anchor line (tie something on the end so it doesn't suck the whole line in). I mounted mine inside the hull behind the seat.

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  7. Studebaker, I like it. I use mesh bags as posters above have mentioned, but always end up with a birds nest. Maybe I'm using the wrong type of rope... What size line will that contraption hold?
  8. I made it a couple years ago so I don't remember....I want to say about 50' of 3/8" line. No smaller than 1/4" anyway. Strong enough to lift the lead ball I use as an anchor, and thick enough that I can haul on it with cold hands.

    The contraption has lasted longer than I expected, actually. Probably because it was designed to be fixed to the side of a house and left in the elements.
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  9. That is Exactly what kind of idea I was looking for !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heading to the store to buy one asap. Thanks much

  10. wow, that is a clever idea.
  11. Jeff, brilliant.

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