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  1. Aha! Yes, this is good info. I've been hearing rumors of these kind of dynamics. So, these days when I'm trolling a streamer and get a strike that doesn't hook itself, I quit paddling and pick up my rod and strip lightly, and then release the slack as my boat continues to glide slowly, and then repeat this a few times. If the fish comes back, I try to give it a little slack so the fly can get sucked in. Not too much slack though. Just enough to stop the forward movement of the fly, yet still feel a little tension on the line.
  2. Here's a shot of a huge school that surrounded me up in the estuarine backwaters. This was IMGP1230.jpg actually up in the tidal flux of a small river, just above where t he head of tidewater would be at mean low tide. There were huge patches of red tide back there that day, too. I think it was late July or early Aug, 2010.

    We still see lots of anchovies around Grays Harbor. I actually snagged one with a fly. It looked just like one of Anil's Shock 'n Awe tube flies. I had one along, and compared it, said "Yep!" and tied it on. Couldn't buy a strike on it, though. I worked it in the area for nearly an hour.
    I had to switch to a pattern that stood out from the herd before I could draw a strike. I think I tied on a #6 white Knudsen Spider with a red beard, and then caught a few cutts that day. Only one near the Anchovies. I never did notice any cutthroat slashing through the bait fish or even swirling on the surface. They must have been underneath the bait, or not many around.
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  3. Nice photo
  4. Jim, thanks for the great photo. Makes me want to order a pizza.
    About how long would you say they are?
  5. After looking at the photo again and enlarging it a bit, I can see a good resemblance to the anchovy pattern I posted earlier in the thread. In fact, Joe's fly is excellent. Colors and "illusion" of head etc are good.

  6. Awesome photo!

    A good way to I.D. a school of anchovies is to look for their gill plates to have a silvery flash as they flare them. In the photo, it is possible to see the silvery flash of gill plates of numerous fish.

  7. Jack, I think those were about 3" or so. Photo date was 7/26/10.

    Roger, They sure do flare their gills. I wonder if they were feeding on something. Some of the old locals around here refer to them as "shiners."
  8. Thanks. I should carry a dip net with me when I paddle back there. I don't usually see 'em that thick. I was surrounded by a large school that day, the biggest one I've ever encountered in the backwaters.
  9. Nice photo; Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon II (Johnson and Ferguson) gives an apt description, "... a school of anchovy's gillcovers flash and twinkle like a huge handful of new dimes that has been thrown into the water."
  10. Jim
    I tried to dip net some of those shiny dimes from the kayak
    It is quite difficult
    After two hours I caught three
    It felt like I did two thousand sit ups the next day
    Thery are illusive
  11. Thanks. Those things can turn on a dime and create a vacant hole in the school when you dip your net. I tried it with a fine mesh net once, and came up empty.
    I had better luck fast-stripping my fly right thru them. Snagged one in just a few casts. When packing/gearing up for a paddle, I've been trying to eliminate any items that I hardly ever use, but a small dip net would be light and easy to stash. There have been a few times when I'd have liked to have one along to scoop up various forage critters and bugs.
  12. Yeah those are hella good on pizza or smoked and covered with oil olive on bread

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  13. Geeze! There's something that's just plain wrong about posting photos of pizzas made with cheese from the moon and dead baitfish!:p Where can I get me one of those! Its way beyond lunchtime!:D
  14. Anchovy Pie for Jim Wallace.
    Jack IMG_3609 - Version 2.JPG
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  15. Looks like scrumptious fare, but that "dinner guest" across the table seems mighty fierce!
    I think I'd lose in a stare down and have to relinquish any... uhh...relinquish any.... good golly geeze, that thick crust looks good, too! Dang! I ain't gonna relinquish nothin'! Might have to fight for my piece of that after all....maybe I'll just bring a chainsaw to the table, for backup!:D

    That "Dinner Guest" is a really fine looking piece. Wow!

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