Announcing, "The ’08 O.P. Bash"

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Matt Burke, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. WBs and Bunny Leeches, weighted, then?

    I can do that.:thumb:
  2. ohhh boy, 20+ hours of driving.... sounds like fun. Hopefully I will see you there, maybe Rowdy and I can rally out there together, representin' ID fo sho.
  3. agreed... I'd probably want to team up and follow someone who is on the river a bit for the first few days... thanks for the heads up
  4. aint a short hop for this one either, but I will be there, I'll be almost there Friday but with the bus
  5. I'll bring my boat, but with the big personal 200 qt beer cooler I carry these days I ain't got no room for riders

    Any Oregon riders? I got room for 3 out of the Salem area. I assume I will be outta here and drive friday night

    clean ? yeah, sober? questionable at best
  6. Can I play too.I would like to meet you all and go for a float I will bring my raft out 2 empty seats.Can't party I don't know when to stop.3years clean @sober so I just fish hunt.see ya out there
  7. Man, if I could get somebody to tend the kids I would show up just for the party. But 800 plus miles is just tad bit to far.

  8. I'll try and make it. I got two pontoon boats. and I don't drink ether. 22 years sober. If I go ill bring the two boats and all the wood I can carry in my f250.Also a bunch of rods and reals.
  9. hey !!! wood!!! I got some downed seasoned oak I will bring from my yard
  10. I am bring the Hyde. I think I have one seat open. PM if you need a ride.
  11. Bove, You ready for the new and improved cat/griz showdown. Blake and me vs. you and andy. We will be judged on # of fish, #of beer, and and overall physical appearence.....because if you don't look good fishing, why are you even out there. Oh yeah I have the new G-5000 prototype simms/gucci hybrid waders and tie combo. :rofl:

    Clack VS. Hyde

    PS you will lose points for fishing glue eggs or beads and there is a minimum fly size of 3". so it has to be longer than that. Will be out there early more than likely. :Dptyd
  12. All your driftboat are belong to us....
  13. I will bring my hyde as well. I will have an open seat and a few extra rods.
  14. I have a previous engagement, but it's on the O.P. also, so I might stop by later in the week.
  15. Good I just tied up some cdc tube flies. They will meet the 3" minimum with the stinger hooks I put on them. They work rather well dead drifted.

    As for style, gucci has me beat.
  16. Glue eggs or 5" flies only in my boat...
  17. Well as of right now, I'm a probable go for the weekend. Have a few strings to try to sew up, but should be a go. I probably will just bank it. Was gonna tow the driftboat or bring the steelheader. But may just spend the weekend cooking and relaxing (yes, I'll bring all my grills with). So will be showing up with my truck/camper that Friday after work. Unless by some miracle I can get that Friday off (doubt it but we'll see).
  18. Wow, this is a big party.
    Ima'proly have to go fish it the week prior. . .

    There is also camping on the Lower Hoh Road, on the west side of the highway. Take that road west and head in a few miles, the campground is marked. In fact, the OP is heaven when it comes to campsites: they're everywhere.
  19. The camping on the lower Hoh is Cottonwoods. I personally never liked that campground. But I always had a love for the Oxbow and the ones up the upper Hoh road.

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