Announcing, "The ’08 O.P. Bash"

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Matt Burke, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. I think one seat got claimed, depending on DeLe's schedule I got one more if we use the small cooler
  2. I have my lawyer looking into the dead dude issue. Most states laws state;" all persons must have a PFD readily available" It does not mention living or not ,nor' does it does not define if being dead now puts you in the non-person catagory or not. Personally I would guess that being dead now makes one a non-person , but I do drink alot .

    Maybe the fact that it's a another passenger onboard's relative changes things as well. It is Washington after all. You know? Brother or sister , yes still a person, offspring; forsure,,, ex wife or mother in law- never was a person to begin with.
  3. Well big brother is in box and the box is in a bag, one of those tasteful gift bags that you put presents in. Which I thought was pretty weird, but that's what the funeral parlor lady puts the remains in when you get them.A gift bag? Still strange now. Anyway the bag has handles on it so I'm thinking I could tie on a couple of balloons and that should keep him sort of afloat. If not...well burial at sea kinda.
  4. Hey, had a great idea for a floatation vest. Buy a beer koozie, cut it so it opens up, and strap it to the urn. Then you'll have a good floatation device on your brother. :)
  5. Hmmm, I need to get a bunch of lil' corkies and some super glue. Enough lil' corkies will float anything!
  6. I'm in 28th - 30th. DeLe, send me a pm - thought I saw you were possibly going? Carpool?

  7. To hell with the floatation device. Just make sure that he has a license. You wouldn't want him to get a ticket that he couldn't afford..

  8. Traffic cop; License and regristration please
    Headburner; yes sir, can I ask why you pulled me over, sir?
    Traffic cop; Drivin' in the HOV lane, alone.
    Headburner; but officer, my brother is in the car with me.
    TC; Really? is he being invisable today?
    HB; No sir! he's right there in the passenger seat.
    TC: Really? I suppose your'e going to tell me he's in the fancy little bag then.
    HB; Why yes, yes he is in the bag, sir.
    TC; Are you sure you aren't the one in "the bag" mister!
    HB; Not me sir, haven't touched a drop (pulls the urn out of the bag) see officer, he's in here, I'm takin' him with me to the OP. We are headed to the '08 WFF Bash, an.....
    TC; So your'e tellin' me that your borther is in the urn, dead, ashes, and you think that qualifies for the HOV lane?..
    HB; Well sorta'
    TC; :rolleyes:

  9. James and I will be there all week leading up to and the weekend. Anyone that shows up will be invited to a brew from the keg and two smiling faces. We will be at the oxbow all week.
  10. save a mug for me there JH, somehow I will arrive there the weekend before,
  11. My birthday is March 29, so I guess thats a viable excuse to go fishing and drinking with a bunch of lunatics for a week.
  12. I have all my cooking gear now, so I'm all set for cooking that weekend. :)
  13. Well I'm planning on being in Forks for the week. This is our yearly Washington steelhead run. We may stop by and visit.
  14. Welcome Molly! Tell all your friends about the bash. It looks like every steelheader and wouldbe steelheader is planning to attend or at least drop by. It's probably because of John's keg of beer, because the fishing hasn't been that hot. Skunked yesterday, and the water was perfect.

  15. Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I'm out. Skagit will be open. When I have a local option, I gotta use it. This provision is in the winter steelhead agreement with the wife. Fair is fair. Good luck guys!

    Go Red Sox,
  16. Damn, I just put in the print order for the WFF banner with everyone's name on it. JFK
  17. Ok, big test tomorrow. Going to be cranking up the new propane smoker/bbq/outdoor oven. If the slow brisket turns out, I may have it in tow for the event. Will pickup a couple briskets and slow cook em'. :)

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