Announcing, "The ’08 O.P. Bash"

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Matt Burke, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. I'm not sure if I'm a medium or a large. At any rate I'll take a small (or extra small if you have them) also.
  2. I don't know about anybody else, But:



  3. I will try to make it for two days one night. More for beer and fire than anything else!!!!
  4. Hell, I might have to go just to get a shirt, and maybe drink a little. Everyone knows I can't catch a fish out of moving water.
  5. iagree
  6. Just a "Heads Up". I don't know if any of the North Sound guys will be coming through Whidbey to the OP, but the Keystone to Port Townsend Ferry is passenger only, no cars or trucks. They took the old one out of commission because of crack in the hull.

  7. Well, I scheduled fishing with John Hicks and James M several months ago for that week, so I'm there. Be there from late Wednesday night (hopefully there'll still be someone not passed out to drink with when I get there) until the thing is over. So Matt you can add me to your graphic and pencil me in for a morning or two of fishing.
  8. If you all see a white 2000 Ford Ranger Pick-me-up with a can-o-pee on the back crusing thru the CG. with Montana plates on it with a big Cuttthtout on the license plate that be me, so just lay down in front of me and I'll stop.

  9. Shit!!!!!!. It looks like winter just hit Montana, Idaho, and Eastern Washington. Snow in all the passes and all the roads have snow and ice on them from Butte to the Cascades. While I have snow and mud tires on my truck I don't have studs. So if the weather doesn't improve in the next three days I ain't coming. But I will give it a shot.

    Wife needs for me to get the hell out for a while and I need to be away also.

  10. Don't be all gay and whimp out now you crabby bastard.
  11. I'm pulling my whole rear end apart on the truck just to make sure I get there. All the miles we did in shitty weather, I can't believe you would let a couple inches of snow stop you.
  12. I'm looking at sunshine to the east and those road crews have had all winter to practice clearing the passes. Man up and get here between storms.
  13. Head out now so you have plenty of time to make it out! No wimping out allowed! :eek:
  14. I can't scare the hell out of anybody anymore. You guys won't let me out of anything will you. Well like I said, I'll try. I'll just have to drive slower.

  15. Nope! You're committed now... just like you should be! Plus Matt, James and I will make you go out and fish as well! :cool: Or we'll sic Scoones and SAK on ya! :clown:
  16. Chris, Matt. I'm just confirming that I will be there on the 27-30th. See you guys there!

    Do you have a link so I can reserve a spot? I've never been there but looking forward to it.

    I'm prepared for the bank fishing but if there are 2 seats available, just name the brand of beer. :thumb:
  17. Good deal Roy. Sorry though, no reservations I think, at least thats how it was my last trip out. Even if it's tight, you'lle find a spot.
  18. Hey every one make sure you bring some wood for the fire. It liable to be on the down right cold side all this next week.
  19. Has anyone found a firewood supplier there in the Forks area? Most of us probably don't have a vehicle to haul any wood over, but if we're willing to throw down money on a quarter cord +/-, that should work.
    The only person I know over there is the shuttle drivers, I could ask them if they could hook us up.
  20. For last two weeks I've been thinking I wouldn't be able to come...
    I couldn't find my license and wasn't to keen on shelling out for a reprint at the very end of the season.
    BUT I FOUND IT TODAY!!! I had it BURRIED in my duck hunting jacket. So I'll be rolling in Thursday night, hope to find a place to pitch a tent and hang a tarp. Pretty excited to meet most of you for the first time, and do a little fishin'

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