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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Klickrolf, May 6, 2013.

  1. Ok, took two beers and now it's "morning" or mourning and mid-June. I'm looking at counts everyday, anyone see anything good? Chinook are picking up, shad too, and "man made" sockeye. Steelhead? bummer!
  2. Something is really f'd up. The smaller Oregon river right next door, the Willamette, has 4 times the steelhead. Is it to early to say the Columbia and its tribs are having a steelhead population collapse? Has it ever been this bad this late and then recovered? Anyone know?
  3. 1967 since the last time a year started this poorly. Plenty of times between 1967 and 2012 where the fish start off all about the same (2-4X's+ what today is)...and some runs never materialize and others go well. But NONE OF THEM have started this badly (pre 1967) and ever recovered. 1967 ended up all of 120K fish over Bonnie. If the wild count crashes like last year's hatchery run did, and these unclipped numbers return to mid 90's run counts and worse...better get ready for massive management changes for the basin's recreational fishing seasons...ESA was not in play back then in any fashion like today.

    All it will take is a week of good counts and all will be well again. We will know in a month if the season is just starting at near record lows...or if we are seeing the shift to poor returns again. If not outright collapse.

    There isn't anything 'f'd up' about what is happening. Nothing was fixed that caused the huge population rebound (still at the peak's in '01 and '09...but a few % points of estimated historic abundance, hatchery fish don't count). Since nothing is in better shape today vs. 1993...and nothing has been is only logical to expect that what happened before will happen again. And eventually get worse.
  4. Sometimes I think the best thing for steelhead would be if they all stayed near Japan for 3 years.... Maybe they're on to us.
  5. Just from looking at the dam counts on up each river (snake and columbia) this year and last, the majority of this "collapse" appears to be Snake River fish. You get to Priest Rapids and above, and we're around the 10yr average.
  6. I don't look at the counts until September.....
  7. I'm bummed but it looks like Bonneville is on the up as far as steelhead counts.
  8. its on fire!!!!!!![​IMG]
  9. Unfortunately it is falling behind faster now than it did last year. By the time Sept. gets here we will "know" not be guessing/predicting how far behind. We have now reached 100% plus is needed to equal the ten year average.
  10. This might be the year for a fall trout trip instead of chasing steelhead.

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  11. I keep telling people there's no steelhead here. But they won't listen :)
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  12. Chums and pinks are more fun anway
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  13. Good. Keep telling yourself that. And everyone else too.
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  14. Atlantic Salmon are more fun...
  15. July 4 tomorrow, Independance Day. That used to be the date I'd check out the Deschutes...I won't be. Here we are today, please click "10 year average" button under "options".
    Something is wrong here, drastically wrong, will we end up with 40% of the ten year average? I'll eat my hat if decent numbers come late...been watching, downloading and charting these numbers for 20 years...the steelhead numbers will only get worse!!

    Those managing this debacle need to be fired. Results speak for themselves, excuses are excuses. Last 3 years the Columbia has been full to the brim with water, outmigration survival had to be much better than average. I hear ocean conditions must be the cause so who's responsible for monitoring ocean survival/conditions? And what have they learned? Are we subsidizing concentrations of predators in the salt? It ain't global warming as in rising ocean temps!! Do we have people trying to figure this out? Time to bring this thread back up and find out what we can about this piss poor steelhead return.
  16. Aren't most of the steelhead headed that way "man made" also?
  17. Klickrolf,

    You do you figure that there is a debacle, and that it is being managed?

    Natural variations in anadromous fish abundance up to, and sometimes exceeding, an order of magnitude are within the bounds of "normal" observations. 40% is easily within the sideboards.


  18. Salmo, read your post before your edit. I did write up a long response but killed it before posting, now it's coming back the best as I can recall it. The ESA has made 50% of the harvestable fish into 15% (13% tribal and 2% sport and commercial)...spring chinook numbers per you...

    In river (Lower Col.) bycatch will be reduced via seines, beach and other. Hope the boats have sorting ponds, most of the seine caught bycatch will die regardless.

    I have trend charts addressing steelhead passage over Bonneville and could make them for spring chinook too but don't think it would make any difference. Steelhead numbers are not trending up in the last 20 years, regardless of origin. My real question is does WA state, OR state or the PNW in general have an overriding objective to improve anadromous fish returns? If so they have failed. The plan should address wild fish only because they don't cost us money. Are the fisheries programs concerned with maintaining the status quo or are they invested in rebuilding the runs? BPA funds alot of research as in steelhead redd counts throughout the Columbia system. I haven't tried to relate those to Columbia returns and ocean conditions since I have zero data wrt ocean conditions.

    Don't mean to be an ass, just hope my BPA ratepaying, WA fishing license and federal taxes are trying to fix it. Are we invested in options that will make things better in the long run? Doesn't seem so. Maybe some serious salt water tracking is needed, alot of steelhead are carrying PIT tags these a high cost. Are there efforts to learn what's happing in the big pond? What makes it good, what makes it bad? Sure hope we're spending the coin where it can help, i.e teach us something useful.
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  19. I don't see us having a season this year.
  20. I sure hope it gets to 40% of the 10 year average. Currently the Wild count over Bonneville is 2869 and 40% of the 10 year average is 3223, while we are at 2869 and falling back each day.

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