Another Butcher "second time around"

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Mark Mercer, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. I challenged myself (with suggestions from another site) to tie another one same size, but make improvements from the first one I tied, so here it is. To try and be a more accurate to Kelson's instructions I used single strips in the wing....I think I counted 24 slips on each wing, thats the most I've ever done, took awhile to build but not as bad as I thought.

    All in all It's probably my best tie and can see many things that are better than the first. Hope you guys don't mind me posting these, but it's nice to get feedback and you guy's sometimes see things I miss.

    Mark DSCN2341.JPG DSCN2342.JPG
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  2. i really dont even know what to say. that thing blows my mind!
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  3. OUTSTANDING work Mark !!!
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  4. Thanks guy's, I've tied these for a few years but never very seriously until lately. They aren't quiet as frustrating as they used to be but they still take many hours to tie, and I still have a long way to go.... I'm glad you like them...
  5. Really great work.
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  6. Absolutely awesome. How about a full on frontal shot?

    I do have one question though....mind you I know nothing about tying these and portioning...the very top two feathers (horns?) seem a tad too short. What are the "rules" on placing these in relation to the end of the hook and the tail?

    So, will you be completing the trio with The Baker and Candlestickmaker?
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  7. Well that absolutely sucks. I think you should point out the obvious errors you made when tying the pattern :D

    Fantastic fly. You "fancy fly" guys continue to amaze me with your skills. The patterns you tie are far beyond my fly tying abilities. A work of art.
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  8. Mark, thank you for posting and taking the time to share your experience with the forum. It was a pleasure meeting you .
    Can't wait to see what you tie next.
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  9. Thanks so much to all, I'm happy you like them.... I sometimes wonder if I should still post them cause they're not fishing flies but I enjoy tying them and getting feedback and I'm glad you appreciate all the hard work in tying them. I also hope to inspire others to get interested in them and maybe even tie them.

    Big-E, really good question and here's the best answer I can find... Horns, lenght equal to the intersection of the topping and tailing. Equal to the main wing.

    Of course this is all related to the hook length and the macaw you have. On my fly I used the longest macaw tail fibers I have which is just a little short of the main wing. But it's OK and I actually like the way they turned out.
    There is a certain amount left to personnel interpretation on some things and I think this is one of them. It's usually not a problem finding horns long enough for a 2/0 or 3/0 hook but if it's 6/0, 7/0 or 8/0 you're not going to find one's long enough to reach the tail, and as far as I know it's not a big issue, you use what you have.
  10. As long as you don't toss them in a plastic box, I don't care if they're not fishing flies. To me, it is a form of artwork and I appreciate viewing your artwork.
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  11. +1
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  12. Mark,
    You've really got a talent for this. I wish I had the tying skills you have.
    Keep up the good work.
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  13. Thanks Gene,Tim and Brian.

    Gene, I don't toss mine in a plastic box like Eunan does, mine get stuck in little pieces of foam on my tying desk. Some get the blade and some don't.

    Brian, most of you guy's could tie these if you wanted to take the time to do it but it does take a lot of time, money and commitment and they're not for everyone, but you could do it.


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