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  1. Just picked up a Daiwa 3045 8' 8wt with a Pflueger 1495 on it for $25. The 1495 is of the 50's and the guy said he bought the set up brand new in 1955, so I guess the rod is of that vintage also. Claimed he caught a lot of fish on it, but it looks like it's hardly even been put together to me. Anyway, anybody know anything Daiwa glass rods? Thanks in advance.

  2. Do you mean 1495?
  3. the rod was made in the 1970s and Daiwa purchased the blanks from an unknown source in this country where the rods were also assembled.
  4. Thanks!!! I just got an email back from Daiwa saying the same thing. Hoping to pick up some line friday, so by the weekend i'll know how it casts.
  5. Casts kinda like waving an alder sapling. I got the hang of it after a few minutes and managed a few good casts, but it takes some effort.
  6. Pat....I like your Stuart in your avatar. Those are sweet reels. Dave
  7. Thanks...Another garage sale find.
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