Another strange things you have caught thread?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by tinman207, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. I know we have had these threads before, but I always love hearing the bizarre stuff people bring up fly fishing.
    Today I was swinging big nasties through a deep run I love, and after releasing a really nice slab of a bow, I hooked what I thought was his very big brother. This thing took me into my backing and had me booking down stream. I the waning light, I kept seeing silver flashes and then broad white fins curling.....I surely had a monster as it put on the gas and ran down stream again. I kept thinking the fight was going on too long, and I was worried I was over-stressing the fish, and decided to put on the pressure regardless of the outcome so I could get it released as soon as possible. I put side pressure on it to work it out of the main current and pulled it into some slackwater. I skillfully landed and admired the broken pieces of the back of an aluminum lawn chair that I had so masterfully fought and landed. The big fins I had seen were large tattered fabric pieces undulating in the current.
    I scanned the banks hoping some onlooker would have seen it all and given me a slow clap to top off the scene.
  2. a sucker hooked in the brown star with a hobo in the hell did that happen
  3. Neotenic ( aquatic adult phase) pacific giant salamander- purple, grey and green- 14" long on a flesh fly
  4. Nasty
  5. Condom off Bainbridge Island.
  6. Can I have it back? That's my lucky condom
  7. not that weird, but it was at the time.
    a big ass tench.
    being new to fishing i had never heard of one, let alone seen one before. thought it was some mutant bass with red devil eyes.
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  8. Hooked a bat once on a back cast. Got it in the wing.
  9. Duck. Fights like MAD.
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  10. o man. sparrow, bat, bullfrog, turtle, otter, muskrat, snake, hmmmmm. . . .
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  11. Doesn't surprise me coming from you.....I did catch the lawn chair on the slap n tickle that you turned me on to.
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  12. I caught a small rainbow, a brook, and a brown one day fishing on New York's Willowemoc Creek. Apparently wild rainbows are almost unheard of in that creek, and I caught the Catskill Slam!
  13. A black lace thong on the klickitat. On a bead.
  14. A t-shirt on the Truckee in Nevada...
  15. A Budweiser pillow case out at Park lake fishing some rock piles for bass.
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  17. Compared to a lawn chair.... I got nothing.:)

    Once I was fishing with Rocky and Eric at a small cascade stream. It was full of whitefish and bows. We were dead-drift nymph fishing. At one point, Eric hooks into something that is giving him a hell of a fight.

    Rock and I stopped fishing to see what the heck he had on. Steelhead were known to travel that far upstream so we had that in mind.

    Eventually, Eric landed the fish. It was a medium sized whitefish that Eric had snagged in the tail.

    Rocky, who was known to always give Eric a bad time, yelled

    "Hey, Eric! What fly are you using to get a whitefish to take it with its butt?"
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  18. One year when I first started fly fishing I was trolling a fly using a sinking line, slow trolling a bugger when I got a tug, I quickly raised my rod and gave a strip set only to find I'd missed the fish, I didn't strip in I just left my line out, a few moments later another tug, another attempted hook set, yes another miss. I was new and this happened 4 or five times before I realized that maybe there was something wrong with my hook, I quickly started stripping line in to check it only to discover that I had hooked one of my fins and as the line would get taunt when I kicked it would feel just like a fish tugging at the fly, yes I caught myself.
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  19. This spring I was fishing one of my favorite sloughs on the Columbia. Stripping in a leech low and slow on the bottom, I hung up. There is an old steel cable running through there that eats a lot of flies. Great! I pulled, but felt some give. So I pulled harder! More give. Just before my tippet popped, it came free. I slowly pulled in what I thought was a length of cable, but what turned out to be a pair of snow skis. A really nice pair of Volkl's. What the hell? I started looking harder under the surface and could make out other stuff under water. A jewelry box, another set of skiis,other random junk.
    Long story short.... my accidental catch alerted authorities to a rash of burglaries happening to vacation homes in the area. The were dumping all the evidence in the slough, where nobody normally would have found it... if it wasn't for one meddling fly fisherman.
  20. You guy's aren't the only ones. Whitefish must eat with their butt a lot.
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