Another strange things you have caught thread?

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  1. About all I ever found in some skinny water was 10 cans of beer. Don't know how long they were sitting there but they were cold and sure tasted good on a hot day. I even started to get a buzz off of them and didn't care if I caught anything or not.
  2. Hopefully NOT still installed!

    A bat, beaver, seagull, a grebe, my ears (do multiples count?), hat(s), bull frogs, leopard frogs, a nephew, a rod a guy dropped (hero points for this one), a mink (wasn't hooked, but the trout it grabbed was) & my cousin's wallet (more hero points for that one & that was a hell of a long & accurate cast!), and virtually every variety of streamside foliage occurring along Montana, Idaho, & Washington lakes/waterways. My cousin hooked a truck passing at 30 mph; it spooled him, then broke-off.
  3. Bet the guy who came back looking for them after a long, hot hike was sure pissed:)
  4. Don't know about that as it was along time ago.

    I did hook my belly one time. Was spin fishing and got hooked up on the other side of the stream I was fishing on. I was only using 5lb test line so I pulled the line straight and lo and behold it came loose from the other side. It shot across the stream and hit me in my belly. Got two of the hooks on the treble stuck in my gut. I tried to move them around so I could cut off the barbs but nothing doing. I was fishing with my Brother at the time and I had him drive me to Redmond to a clinic to get them out of me. It was so painful that I had to lay down in the bed of my P/U to get there.

    And that same brother was casting a Mepps spinner and it got stuck in the back of my head. Different time, different day
  5. I was (gear, sorry) fishing for Chinook one nasty day in October. The weather was terrible - in fact, after waking up at 6:30, I'd taken one look at the rain blowing sideways and went back to bed. I got up again at 10:30, woke my buddy up, and went down to the boat at our dock. I showed my buddy how to rig up and peel of the correct amount of line, then did the same. I immediately snagged up - Oregon tidal areas are full of snags. So, I had my buddy reel in, and I slowly motored above the snag, as you can sometimes get your spinner back that way. As I motored up, I felt the snag rolling in the current, so I thought I might be able to lift the branch up to rescue my spinner. As I pulled harder, I finally realized that the branch rolling in the current was actually a chinook. I finally, and this is like 3 minutes after hooking it, set the hook, and I was off to the races. It ended up being the biggest salmon I ever caught (or ever will), just making 60 Lbs.

    So not exactly an unusual catch, but I thought it was for a long time!
  6. Oh, and a friend hooked an outdrive complete with stainless propeller while ice-fishing for perch on Soda Lake one wintry day. A guy walked past & said: "WTF?!?" Rudy didn't even look up, but replied, "They're hitting cotter pins." I had a hit while drifting jigs for walleye below McNary Dam. The thing fought well, my rod jerking & bucking all the while I reeled it up. My buddy finally grabbed the net & scooped-up a bagel-shaped rock. After we got done laughing, he asked what I was going to do with it. "Have it mounted, of course. Put it in the live well."
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  7. I had a friend hook a rock on the N/F Sky one winter day. He swore up and down it was a Steelhead I soon set him straight. It was in the current and his line would get a belly in it and he swore it was taking line. I told him to tighten his drag and then he saw the results of catching rocks.

    You only think of these things when somebody rocks your memory with a similar story.
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  8. I have caught rocks on the sky! The quartz matrix stones often have lots of pits/holes. Perfect for proving youre fishing deep enough (too deep?)
  9. dick Tracy would be proud !
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  11. At about age 8, my youngest daughter caught a fat lady in a polyester outfit. Caught her on the back cast with a spinning rod on the dock at Deer Harbor.
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  12. Found this yesterday.

  13. Seagull right out the air as it was flying buy. Had to chase it down the beach about a 1/4 mile before I could get it unhooked with the help of a home owner.
  14. I was fishing with a bobber and a minnow, hooked a water moccasin. Threw pole and all in the water...I really don't like snakes.
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  15. If I caught a steelhead that would be strange & unusual.
  16. Ok other weird things, a complete trout skeleton, birds oh yeah a duck a seagull and a few swallows, a bat and a dragonfly all of which picked up flies off the water but were not actually hooked, other things not hooked but were at the end of my line that grabbed the salmon I was using as bait are one orca and three harbor seals.
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  17. Another good one.... I was fishing Martha lake in warm beach when I got hung up.... It came loose from the bottom and up comes an old spinning rod. I start hand lining the old mono in to get it out of the lake, and lo and behold the spoon on the end of the leader is hooked to the eyelet of another complete spinning rod. 2 for 1!
  18. Bat, boat(s), seagull, seal
  19. I caught a live fresh water mussel on the the Yakima. It actually inhaled or "ate" my copper john as both halves of the bi-valve were firmly enclosed on the nymph.
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  20. Almost spit coffee at this.

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