Another thermometer gone.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Paul Huffman, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. I did it again. Walked back to the truck and left my thermometer behind in a run yesterday. Is this an age thing? It's going to get worse, ain't it?
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  2. Yes.
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  3. Yes, but I can't remember who told me that
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  4. You Betcha, Paul.

    What was it that you lost?
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  5. Why are you leaving thermometers in the river?
  6. CRS
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  7. You say that like it is a bad thing.

    I also prefer to think of it as SMR (Selective Memory Recall)
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  8. I think thermometers are designed to be lost. Over the years I have found 3 of them along the river or road. I have gone on to use them and have lost all three.
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  9. Sooooo, at the end of the fishing trip, the guy with the most found thermometers wins?
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  10. Litterbug!
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  11. Maybe it's like fruitcake. There is only one.
  12. You lost something. Good thing it isn't your mind.
  13. That's why I refuse to buy one of those expensive FishPond thermometers. Those hot tub thermometers are a great deal.

    I tie on a long piece of running line that floats to the surface and is a bright green so I can find it easily. Most of the time I tie it on my wading belt, but lots of times I throw it in six inches of water, and then walk off.

    Why did I even need to pull out the thermometer? With ice on both sides of the river, don't you think I could guess the temperature?

    And what's the difference between 33F and 35F going to mean? After investing in the time to drive down to the river, boot up, and rig up, I'm not going to say "Oh, it's too cold to fish. Might as well drive home."

    Maybe I should get one of those fancy William Joeseph infrared thermometers so I could get a temperature real quick like, before I forget what I'm doing. Maybe I'd take better care of an expensive thermometer.
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  14. I can think of worse places to lose a thermometer.
  15. Don't sweat the small things. You remembered your truck . . .
  16. Even in my twenties I would lose all my thermometer. I quit buying them seven or eight years ago. I can't even remember why I would buy them in the first place.
  17. Paul - you're not alone.
    I just bought one the other day and haven't even taken it fishing yet - and it's already lost! I remember bringing it in from the truck....
    It's gotta be around the house somewhere.
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  18. It's been said that at our age, 'Getting Lucky' means walking into another room and actually remembering what you went there for.

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  19. Hell...I have thermometers and sometimes even log the readings...but it doesn't matter....I simply go fishing every chance I can, and pretty much the same group of flies and presentations work just fine...or don't. Very very seldom see anyone else catching fish when I'm matter how they're equipped.

    Thermometers, fish finders, lucky rods, magic underwear, hydrolabs, chicken entrails, lard in a jar, subsurface cctv, weather stations, phase of moon, pimples on a witche's ass....all just toys we use to convince ourselves that we've got some kind of noble piscatorial predictive power.

    Nothing wrong with any of it, as long as you don't become the insufferable fool who thinks any of it means anything.
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  20. Yes, but I couldn't find the bloody keys.

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