any Brookie favorites?

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  1. Hey everyone.
    Wanted to see if anyone had some favorite places for brook trout (say within a 3 hour drive of seattle)? i want to get my 7 year-old into flyfishing this summer, and i think a nice lake or stream with lots of brookies will do the trick. Last year I made a couple trips up to Lonesome Lake (down near Mt Rainier), and I was planning on making a trip or two into the Park itself this summer to check it out. Was also thinking of Greenwood Lake a little farther south, but haven't actually been down that way. We don't mind hiking a mile or two to get there if it's worth the trip.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks all,
    D :EEK
  2. You need a Weyerhauser permit, but Hancock Lake in King county has a good number of Brookies. It opens June 1 and provides good fishing for Brookies, Cutts, and Rainbows thru July. It comes on again in Sept. to closing at the end of Oct. Great lake for small boat or float tubes. You can keep fish, but since Hancock gets no plants and has re-populated itself for decades, catch and release is urged. (Hint: Try small Muddler patterns around the many creek mouths.) :THUMBSUP
  3. Where is Hannock lake located?

    justin :BIGSMILE
  4. You won't need a Weyerhauser permit, but you will have to pray the gates are open, but Lake Fontal is said to have some monsters in the depths. The lake is basically the same story as Hancock, so be nice.

    Fontal is NE of Duvall on the Lake Fontal Road. Bring a good map of the area or you will have a hard time getting there.
  5. Isn't there a gate on the road leading to the lake. I fished that lake when you could drive to it. But that was a while ago.
    Shucks there I go showing my age again. :DUNNO
  6. Fish till ya drop.
    Then suck it up
    and fish the evening hatch.

    TENAS LAKE, best Brookie lake in W. Wash. I'll let you find it Old Man, I know you got maps of everything. You'll have to walk in a little,but it's well worth it. If I didn't live so far away, this would still be one of my "Best kept Secrets".
  7. Lake Hancock is approx. 4 miles from the spur 10 gate. Take the county road out of North Bend. When you reach spur 10 gate, take a right. Like I said, you will need a Weyerhauser permit and you will get a map of the entire area. Hancock is at around 2500 ft elevation so you can expect lots of weather changes early in it's season. (Rain, snow, hail, and wind.) ((sometimes all at once)). When you go, be prepared for an ant fall. Several years ago, on the opener, big black ants where being blown out of the trees on the west shore. It was actually raining ants and for every raindrop was a rise. I've not seen that since, but every year I go with ant imitations ready.
  8. I might be old,but I'm good

    What I need to do is fish with you that way I will become an expert.

    That lake sounds like one I have heard of before. But as for hiking to it. It would have to be on level ground as my knees don't like going up hill but down hill is alright.

    Since your retired do you much fishing durning the week. Or do you save all of your energy for the week ends.

    I try to get out but this weather over here sucks. Today it felt like it was going to snow as it is cold enough. Jim :COOK
  9. :HMMM I've been to Fontal Lake, and it's a winner. However, all the maps that show roads to the lake are all out of date. It took me two tries to find it. It was a map that had topo features that actually helped me. Still, trusting the roads on the map will only steer you wrong. At best, the maps will take you around 2 to 2.5 miles from the lake.

    The best directions I can give you is to park outside of the first yellow gate you come to. There is a sign there declaring limited road usage. Park there, and walk until you reach an intersection of sorts. Look towards the entrance to Camp Hamilton and take the gated road to the left. Continue down that road, until the grade kind of bottoms out where there is a road going off to the right. Be sure to ignore any and all questionable roads or trails. They don't go anywhere worthwhile and are a waste of time. Take that road to the right. Continue us the grade curving to the right. Around where the hill tops out, you should be able to begin to see the lake. Continue toward the East end of the lake. At some point you will see a road going toward the shore on your left hand side. You will probably notice another yellow gate not too far in. Head on in and look for the second "boat launch." The first one is a thrash through the weeds. The second one will take you through.

    There ARE nice, big, good-fightin' fish there. My best advice is to pack your float tube on your mountain bike--the bike with the shocks. The wet winter messed-up the dirt roads a bit. Might give you headache.

    BTW, does anyone know where the road goes if you don't take the last right to the lake? I saw someone's red truck by Fontal but not the driver. If there's a way to drive in, OOOH BABY!
  10. Yes, there are actually 2 gates on the way to Fontal. The gates were wide open from sometime in February to Opening Day at the end of april, and I haven't been able to get in since. If you get to the second gate its about a 2 mile walk to the lake. don't shortcut through the clear cut, its harder than it looks.

  11. The road continues to the Stossel Creek Road (truck Trail) in about 4 or 5 miles. And there was a back way into Fontal , but now that is barricaded.

    As to the maps, I found my way to the lake the first time using the Washington Gazateer.

  12. I might be old,but I'm good

    Lake Fontel has a camp on it. Boys or girls,I'm not to sure. There was a guy on this site last year that was the caretaker of that camp.
    Don't know what happened to him as he just stopped posting. He told me last year that if I wanted to got up to the lake to just let him know and he would meet me at the gate.
    The road also goes by Lake Hannan,which is also good fishing. Bewteen the two of them I think that Hannan is the better.

    Jim S. :THUMBSUP
  13. If you prefer creek fishin for easily caught brookies, go to canyon creek. There are many canyon creeks but the one I'm talking about is off of Mt. Baker Highway (HWY 542) east of Bellingham. The highway's off I-5 so no searching. You will need to go about an hour east on the highway and then follow canyon creek road (on the left) for a wild 8 or so miles through a heavily wooded, paved road. You'll climb up the side of a mountain and then descend down to the creek. You can follow the creek for a long time. Watch out for bobcats and crazy wildlife. There is lots of cool stuff to see. Keep all of the brookies you can because they spawn with the dollies and hurt the populations. They love dry flies. Mid summer is the best time to go.
    Good luck
  14. I might be old,but I'm good

    fishenfella. You have to give me a better hint. I've poured over my maps from the Canadian border to as far down as Mount Rainier. I stuck to the Cascades. I won't go any farther south than that. Come on help an old man out. Jim
  15. Actually, Lake Hannan is the one with the camp. It's owned by the Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle. I haven't checked lately about whether Hannan is open to public fishing anymore. All the NO TRESPASSING WITH THE INTENT OF HUNTING OR FISHING signs gave me the impression that it's a no-go. As far as Fontal, in the two times I've fished it, I never saw signs of a kids' camp. :HMMM
  16. Maybe fishnfella is confusing names. Only Tenas Lake I've heard of is in Oregon around the Three Sisters area. Or am I mistaken fishnfella?

  17. My fault. I guess there is a Tenas Lake in Washington.
  18. Fish till ya drop.
    Then suck it up
    and fish the evening hatch.

    Been fishin ole man, so a little late with your answer.
    Ok ole man, since I no longer frequent that area I guess I'll give it up. Look carefully on your maps around the Lake Cushman State Park area. It's only a few miles from there.
    Knowing where it is on the map is only the first step...this ones damn hard to find unless you got a photo or are very skilled at finding stuff.
    Oh, and if you're looking for trout to eat.....forget it,these big buggers are full of chironomids and bugs and VERY muddy tasting by May. Still it's a fun lake and you'll probably have it to yourself...after you find it. They seem to bite all day long every of the more consistant brookie lakes I ever fished.
  19. I might be old,but I'm good

    Well,it's going to be about 6 weeks until I fish again. I took a tumble in my back yard and I have my casting arm in a cast. I even have to type with my left arm. And it ain't easy And no, I can't
    t fish with my left because I also screwed up my left side. I think that I'm a total loss. Jim :MAD
  20. That is definitely devastating news. I truly feel for you. I seriously hurt my back one suffered and missing fishing was as bad as the back pain.

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