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  1. Heading over to the Big Island in early November and will be taking some fly rods with me. We are staying in Puako and I welcome any advice on spots, flies, lines, etc. Also any Charters that you would recommend for fly or non fly fishing.

    Thanks in advance,

    Ryan, aka ryfly
  2. Check out da Mingo's latest thread on his Kohala Coast antics. Fading back to the middle of page 2 on this forum right now.
    Da Mingo...Dat buggah! He da man!
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  3. I got back from both Oahu and Kauai a couple of weeks ago and although I didn't get in as much fishing as I'd hoped, I had a blast!

    I was only able to spend one afternoon fishing on Oahu (Maunalua Bay) and one on Kauai (on the south shore due to strong winds where we were staying in Kapaa).

    No evidence of any fish while fishing Oahu but I did have a few followers (but no takers) on Kauai.

    It was my first experience fishing tropical waters and even though I was skunked, what a great place in which to be skunked!!!

    Mingo, along with several other WFFers, was gracious enough to share his knowledge of island fishing with me. He's got most of the islands pretty dialed in! My thanks go out to all the great forum members who helped me!

    BTW, check out the website of Nervous Water fly shop in Honolulu. Good info about fishin' over there!
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  4. There are a lot of fish on the Big Island. As Jim mentioned check out Mingo's Kohala Coast thread.

    I spent many years fishing those beaches growing up (before I started fly fishing).
    For beaches near Puako to fish:
    • There is a fair amount of shoreline access along Puako beach road. Some places are sandy bottoms and others are reefs.
    • Mauna Kea beach. White sand beach that I'd recommend fishing the south end both from the sandy beach and over the reef to the south of the sandy beach
    • Anaehoomalu Bay. There is a lot of beach access along the beach.
    A few things to keep in mind when fishing this time of year in Hawaii.
    • The winter is known for having big swells from the north. Keep an eye on the conditions and the water. Most of the beaches up there will be affected by north swells.
    • If there is surf watch a few sets before going out and fishing. This will give you a good idea of how big the waves are and where they are breaking.
    • Good times to fish are in the morning and evening, and the rising tide and high tide is generally better to fish.
    • The wind usually picks up in the afternoon.
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  5. Stop giving this one away!
  6. Thanks to all the replies....even you Rory. Its a good thing that Leland did not take your advice and still shared his "secret" spot with you. I will post about the trip while away so thanks again and tight lines.
  7. Tight Hawaiian lines, Ryan!! :)

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