Any fished or heard of rainshadow Fly rods?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by RICH G, Jul 28, 2002.

  1. I was just wondering as I have one of these rods and I liked it so much I ordered two more.
  2. Yup, I have

    I've seen a few, liked the feel. Looking at possibly getting a couple blanks and building up a couple different rods. The ones I've seen I liked.

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  3. I went on a fishing trip and one of the guys had several rods he had built that were Rainshadow. I don't know if it was the way he had built them or if was the blanks but they were pretty heavy. They held up to a lot a Salmon so they seem to perform well, I was just a little turned off by the overall weight. When casting a rod all day, a little weight makes a difference. I use Lamson Litespeed reels along with either a Loomis GLX or Sage XP so my set-up is really light. I would be curious to see how they compare to other blanks on total weight. I went to the Rainshadow web site but I could not find the weight of a blank.
  4. Yup!

    I'm just finishing my first 5wt, 4 piece now. I have to finish the wraps and she'll be done. I'm also making a sister rod with single foot guides to compare with the snake guide version. I'll let you know how it works soon.
    Nice looking blanks, if not a little thicker that the Sage rods I have.
    Seems to have plenty of backbone for a 5wt and a nice medium fast action.
  5. What size...

    and which rods did you order? RX7 or 8?
  6. I am just finishing my 4wt and will be doing a another one soon. Do you have a good source for blanks? Mine is closing shop.
  7. What size...

    I have the Rx7's in the Olive Green finish. As far as the weight goes as far as I can tell they are about the same as my sage DS2's but a little faster action with somewhat better casting range. The RX8's as a little lighter and a little faster than the Rx7's the guy who builds them for me swithched to the RX8's from the Sage XP and says they are as much rod for nearly a third the price.

    As far as getting the blanks try Batson enterprises in squim thats where the company is.

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